Lines In Palmistry: Can You Explain the Theory of Palmistry?

“Sorry for such a lengthy question, but I really just have one question and its right at the end. The theory below is just some of the ideas I had while reading yours and other web sites. I think I may buy some of the books which you recommended to confirm some of my ideas.

From the information of your site and other research I have done, it seems to me that the structure of ones palms, and especially in the dominating hand, is the direct result of a person thoughts and actions throughout their life, and they alter your original blue print, which are the lines on the less dominating hand (the left hand for most folks).

The major nerve endings are pretty much the same for all human beings (joining the brain at point A to X points), and in theory all human actions are first based on some type of emotion. And if each time the brain engages an emotion, whether it was positive or negative in nature, the brain would send out signals (energy or vibrations) via these nerves. Although there are very little studies or much understanding about the nervous system, it is possible that different types of energy or vibration frequencies (VF) exist for each type of emotion.

Just like the relationship between a generator and power cables, the VF are released from the brain and travel along the nervous system, creating all kind of physical results such as muscular tension or triggering other VF.
However, the palms and the feet are the end of the line (bus stop here). Just like lightning hitting the ground to release the build up energy. In the areas of the palm and feet the VF has no where to go, this would result in physical stress in the surrounding areas, hence the lines on ones palms.

Over time, if a person’s thought pattern or their actions remain constant, this will create the same type of VF affecting the same areas of the brain, nerves, palm and feet. This could be why some lines in palmistry could change every 6 months, because people’s behavior patterns change and therefore so do the areas and the type of VF released. The dominating hand is affected more as the nerves in this area are more developed.

This could explain the workings of people who claim to have the ability to heal with they hands? As they are able to send selected types of VF through their palms to external matter. If there was a VF that tells the body to start its natural healing process and one could filter this VF by training the mind. There is nothing to say that one can’t help start or even turbo charge someone’s natural healing process.

I would think that a professional palm reader could take in all of these signs/patterns on the lines in palmistry and get a pretty accurate idea about what a person has mainly focused on for the last few years, and depending on the depth of the palmistry line one could also assume the likelihood of that person changing their behavior/character traits.

Question: The above is something I can understand, but what I can’t grasp is how this theory/information can tell you how many relationships a person will have or the number of travel trips? How can it tell you the number of kids you will have?”

Hi Billy,
WOW, what a great preamble to your question!

First of all I believe that before we are born we decide that we want to learn certain things in this life (lifetime) of ours, and to do so we will need to meet certain people and undertake certain trips, or do whatever is needed to reach our goal. Now, I don’t believe that our lives are set in stone, but that some event’s will occur that need to happen in order for us to grow.
When talking about the future, while I’m reading the lines in palmistry, what I read is the energy/traits you are projecting for your future options at that specific time. This is why I say to people that as your lines change (which you can make happen) so will your life and your future.

OK, to answer your questions:
How can this theory tell you how many relationships you are going to have, or the number of trips you will take?
Answer: Most of the lines in our hands are formed due to the emotional impact that particular experience cause us (as you also mentioned).
With regards to relationships in palmistry I always tell the client that the only relationship lines I will be able to see are the ones involving marriage or cohabitation – Meaning the relationships with a strong commitment, which have a very strong emotional impact.
As I said before, nothing is set in stone you can have 2 relationship lines on the palm but decide over the years to only have one, eventually the lines on your palms will change to one line. (However, we have main character traits which we are usually too stubborn to change… 🙂  and that’s why it’s possible to predict certain people’s future events.)

The same goes with travel, you might undertake many trips during your life, but I might pick up 3 or 4 of these, because those are the ones that had the greatest effect on your life.

Can palm reading tell the number of kids you will have?

With regards to kids, the Science is not perfect, this is because free will again play a big part. I might see 3 kids but the couple might decide to use contraceptives and to not have any. I usually tell my clients whether they can have kids rather the number, as this may vary.

I hope this clears your doubts,

All the best
Sara, Mrs Palm Reader

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  1. Shyama Sundar Das says:

    Myself Shyama sundar Das from paradip odisha. I don’t believe in horoscope, but I believe Palmology. I want to know about my palm line probabilities. Kindly guide me.

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