Palm Reading Life Line: How To Predict How Long You Will Live

Hi Mrs Palm Reader

I am Michel Joseph. Actually i am not a professional palmist I am reading palmistry books just as my hobby only….
Madam I have just one question but before starting my question I want to share little story……………

I have many friends but four of them died before the
age of 25 ( one died at 19, one at age 24 and one at 23 and one almost 32)
I have
seen the hands of all four friends…… the life line was perfect.
And I am 100% agreed to you that the life line does not indicate how old a person will live actually…… because i have seen in my own eyes the palm of all of four my friends….. and they all died in a different ways. One died due to cancer 2 died due to road accident and one died in a club due to overdose drug…..

My question is that I have seen people who had long life lines but died young, but i have never seen any old person who has a short life line till now…….
Maybe i have not seen too much hands of people…..

My question is: Have you ever seen a person of old
age who has a short life line in both hands (without any supporting line like mars line sister line health line etc….)?

Note: I have seen a person who has a long life line but is going to die young but never seen an old man with a short life line… so
can you help me to sort out this question please?

I am not saying that a short life line indicates short life
but want to know have you seen an old person who has a short life line on his or her hand…..?

M Joseph


Hi Joseph,
After a bit of research I managed to find a couple of old people with short life lines, confirming what i always say: The life line doesn’t mark when a person is going to die.
Rather, we should pay more attention to the strength, color and markings that occur on the lifeline.
Thanks for your interesting question.

All the best
Mrs Palm Reader


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4 Responses to Palm Reading Life Line: How To Predict How Long You Will Live

  1. Phatz Fad says:

    I actually do not know much about palm reading. However, me and my friend happen to have our palm read quite a while ago. The palm reader told me that i would have a very longlife but kept mum abt my griend’s life.
    Quite recently, she also had a couple of friends who knows a thing or two about palm reading and commented that she has a very short life. She is only 19 this year. They even went on to say that her life line is unusually short. This is frighteningly scary as it was done by different people on different occasions.
    My question is: is the life line very accurate thatany said that to her or fate of theline can be changed?
    im sorry. But thisis so worrying that i had to ask. Thanks fir your attention.

  2. NASIR says:


  3. anonymous says:

    I’ve had no one to talk to about this because its rather weird. Regarding how long we will live for, i dont know why but I feel like i know when im going to die. Im 15 years old now and I feel like in my 40s im gonna go. Is this me making things up or could there be some truth to it. 40, to me, seems a long way away and I’m the kind of person who always says “tomorrow” like i dont feel a need to rush- i always assume that I have time. However, i tend to overwork myself assuming that if I don’t do this, it will affect my future

    By best friend feels like she’ll die in her 20s and I believe her. she lives like she’s always running out of time and we both feel so certain about this.

    Are we just making things up for ourselves or could it be true?

    My great grand-mother told my dad the day she died that she was “going on a long journey”. she knew the day she was going to die and she left gracefully. She was around 50 something.

    My dad himself feels like 77 or so

    Weirdly, I’m not afraid of death- i thought i would be but I’m not

    why do people in my family, me and my friends all feel this way?

  4. Client of several readings says:

    I have heard the lines in our hands can change. Once a reader said my daughter had a disc bulging….granted half of America does but she was a teenager and we never told the palmist that. It was thru email picture of her palm. Palmist didn’t know my daughter kept having pain in her knees since she was about 8 years old and by the time she got to the point she was in a wheelchair and doctors couldn’t find out what was wrong. I took her to ER they gave her a steroid pill didn’t help. They kept saying her knee is not inflamed and charging me money the ER thousands. After the reading I took my daughter for spinal decompression and she’s never had it again. Ten weeks twice a week and after 4 treatments she was a lot better she could walk again. It’s been two years. No pain. The palm reader said if you get treatment for a disc the lines can change she said in fact many people will send me pics after and their lines are changed. So I think it’s like anything else we can change our lives if we are on a course to destruction. Anna Nicole Smith said she would die young like Marilyn Monroe and she did but if Anna Nicole hadn’t been abusing substances she might be alive for her beautiful little girl. Although I think she is much better off with the father who seems grounded. Just my opinion we are the authors of our lives and you bring to you what you believe.

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