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G.S. would like to know if a previous relationship failed because she never gave it a good enough chance due to what two earlier palmistry readings predicted…

Hi Mrs Palm Reader,

This is my first mail…First of all I would like to compliment you on the palmistry guide on your website. I have been lately addicted to reading my astrology forecasts everyday from various sources and at times I feel they lead me to take decisions (I’m not sure this is always a good thing).

It all began due to two palmists predicting a failed relationship -the first one before I began my (first) serious relation, and the second, ironically, the day i broke up. I have been emotionally very very disturbed and I do not seem to see life the same way as before this all happened.

While i believe that whatever happens, happens for good, I beg to ask that had I not learned about the matter in advance would I have walked into this relationship with more faith and hence created a stable future, or is it a case of ‘whatever happened had to happen’?

Also, is astrology/numerology/palmistry a bigger sign as to what we should expect in life or should we believe our own voices?

Hope this is not too philosophical..

Thanks in advance.

regards GS.

Mrs Palm Reader replies to Relationship Lines, Palm Reading & Astrology

Hi GS,
First of all thank you for appreciating my site. I created it in the hope that with the intent I would be able to help people, like you, who are curious enough about the subject to take it a step further.

Before I start any session with a client, I make sure to tell him/her that whatever I’m going to tell them is the path that the person is projecting at that moment, and that anything can change (and a lot of it probably will) because almost nothing in life is set in stone.
I would guess that you weren’t told all this, and that is sad. If someone had told you: “I see that you will potentially have 2 main relationships, the first one will be a challenge but if you work hard enough at it you might just as well succeed and the second one might not even get in the picture”, would you have maybe tried harder in the relationship?
What I am trying to say is that a good palm reader helps a person to fight adversities instead of sentencing what they perceive as being the absolute and only outcome.

On the other hand I do believe that there are events in our lives that are meant to be, and it doesn’t matter what we do we Will go through certain experiences, as they are the ones that help to mold our character. The problem is that nobody knows which these experiences are… 🙂

The beauty of life (if you want to call it that) is the fact that we go through it without knowing what awaits us around the corner, and palm reading, astrology or numerology are just little guides to help us, but you cannot think of avoiding pain or not making your own decisions just by using these. This would mean that instead of making your own decisions in these moments you are instead surrendering your life and that you are too scared to live and to be absolutely free. You need to embrace what you are and your very own life and live every moment of it without worrying about what anybody has told you, otherwise what is the point of living?

If you want my advice, for a couple of days try to stop reading any thing to do with astrology and see what happens….

All the best
Mrs Palm reader

Hello Mam,

Yes… I think I get what you are saying..I also think I should stop reading these things for some time..Incidentally the second relationship (marriage) line on the side of my palm (left – as I am left handed) is quite faint now that I see it… However I don’t know exactly how it was earlier..the other one is quite dark..
I will wait and see how life unfolds..!!

Thank you for your reply..GS

I know some about palmistry.
I have one love line, and from that, there seems to be three children, with one miscarriage/step-child aswell.
Is there anyway of knowing a range around the age this will happen?
Peace, Love, and Light.
~~~ Shanti

Hi Shanti,
I really don’t like to put a time line on children as I believe people read too literally  what is at the end a person’s free will.
Also is not even sure that vertical lines are an indication of children.

Good luck
Mrs Palm Reader


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28 Responses to Relationship Lines, Palm Reading & Astrology

  1. Sangeeta Maity says:

    I want to know about my marriage. I’m right handed. In my left hand I’ve three lines. 1st one which is close to heart line, is broken, middle line is longest. But near about end of this line a line from little finger croosed the line. the 3rd line is shortest.
    In my right hand, there is one long line. but it has two bresk in middle means the lines is break into three. I’am not able to understan whether at the end of line there is a fork or not. I am worried whether my marraige is going to at end with divorce? I luv sum1, but for sum reason Im not in contact with him right now. Plesae suggest.

    If you want to know anything, please ask. I wrote to your Q & A forum, but that verification code does not accepet everytime. Please reply.

    Thanks n Regards,

    • Mrspalmreader says:

      Hi Sangeeta,
      breaks in the relationship line indicate exactly that. So unless you are able to overcome these temporary breaks, the relationship might end.

      If there is a fork at the end, it means that the marriage will eventually end.

      A vertical line coming down from the little finger, indicates most probably a child.

      All the best,
      Mrs Palm Reader

  2. Baby says:

    Hello Madam,

    I am a little bit confused because of the marriage line in my right hand, the line is strong but before the end of the line a very faint line is dropping downwards crossing heart line, head line and cutting the life line towards aggressive mars mount, in fact it just cut the life line , I am trying to find an interpretation for years, but never see something like this any where.

    I am 36 years old and married , even though there are issues regarding his friendship with women and some related to money matters we can say we are some what happily married, kindly give me alight on this, is this indicate a legal separation or death of the partner

    Please give me a reply
    Thanks and Regards,

    • Mrspalmreader says:

      Hi Baby,
      when a marriage line splits into two and one branch goes downward into the palm, it is a sign of divorce. The fact that it stretches all the way to the Mount of Mars is just a stronger confirmation of this.

      All the best,
      Mrs Palm Reader

      • Baby says:

        Thanks you Madam

        In fact it is not spit into two the marriage line goes straight about 70 % of length covered a very minor line not sure it is touching the marriage line or not after the doping the line gets thinner but still the line is is straight and go further .

        Is this can be interpreted as divorcee? if so what will be the reason for divorce as the line goes to life line towards aggression mars not going into mars mount just touches the life line

        Thanking you,

  3. Jasmine says:


    Myself jasmine, i am right handed and my left hand has four lines under little finger and one line which is near to little finger and below that the other line end with fork, and there are other two which is very light in color and in my right hand i found four but one line is very dark and which is 1.5cm from heart line but no forks and other lines are light shaded can you tell me in what age i will be married.

    Thanks for your consideration,

  4. hope says:

    I’ve also been worried about my marriage line. In my left hand it breaks into 3- like a trident, with middle line longer but becomes faint. Same thing is on my right hand (dominant) marriage line is long straight with 2 faint lines touching it making a fork in the middle of line. But the top line also seems like a faint line parallel to marriage line if looked closely. Never seen that before. Does that mean a divorce since it’s on both hands?

  5. Adeel says:

    Hi Sara,

    These are my url links of my hand images of both hands:

    Adeel left hand:

    Adeel left hand percussion:

    Adeel right hand:

    Adeel right hand percussion:

    Sara, I am right handed and tell me about my marriage and what will my marriage will happen???????????

  6. Amy says:

    Hello I am sorry to email you like this but I have been trying to post a question on your website for a while now and it goes not go through, there seems to be tech difficulties. My question is very important to me and urgent i want to book a reading as well but really want this question to be answered.

    I am 22 years old (I am left handed) born Jan.10oth, so the pictures I have uploaded are of my left hands marriage lines as this is my main concern and an urgent matter for me. I have had 2 main serious relationships in my life, one when i was around 19 which lasted for a year. And the second whom i was actually engaged to planning on marring which was the main which lasted over a year and ended quite recently feb 2012. Now the engagement which ended i still feel very connected to the person there were many obstacles facing us. on my marriage line i notice that it starts with a fork and then travels and is faced with two islands on top of each other it then continues but i see it going in many directions and its unclear to me which is why i uploaded the pictures. i think the islands also formed during my engagement when there obstacles. there are also lines on this marriage line of children from what i can tell (2 children) but again i am no expert im in need of your expertise. Although the engagement is called off I still feel connected to this person as if there could be a reconciliation but im unsure what my marriage line says.

    On my right palm its difficult to say there a few lines which are very light but the main one travels into an island and then separates into 3 different forks.. maybe uploading the picture of the right hand might be helpful, however I am left handed. Thank you for your help.

  7. Mina says:

    Hi Sara,
    I would like to know about my marriage line, I have 4 lines. For the 1 st line it is close to heart line?, yes it is and it is fade. Second line is too short and dull. 3rd line is very deep and long but there is splitting. From the start to the end , 1.7 cm.the deep line without split is 1 cm . Around 0.8 cm there is split to upward of 0.1 cm and it longs 0.5 cm. at the end of the line there is splitting like fork. For the 4th line , close to pinky finger and there is 3 splitting. I’m 23 yrs old and I had 2 relationships but it was broken after few months. Currently I’m in relationship but it is abit shaky. I start to feel of weirdness cos my relationship is unstable. Is that bcos of my fade.. Please help me.
    Thanks and regards

  8. Mina says:

    Add; My first comment is for my right hand (right handed).

  9. Millie says:

    Hi Sara,

    I’m 22 years old and broke up with my ex a year ago. We were together for over 3 years. It ended because there was mistrust, a bit of infidelity on his part, and essentially we just didn’t want the same things in life. A year later, I have become cynical and jaded. I don’t know if I’ll be able to trust and open my heart again and yet, I still want love and a family. I love palm reading, but I have a set of palms that literally have thousands of small lines running through it, making it impossible to discern which lines to focus on. I AM LEFT HANDED.

    On my left hand: I have four attachment lines starting from the heart line going to the pinky. The first line splits into a wide fork halfway through. This line is about 1/4 the distance from my heart line to my pinky. Is this my first relationship? The second line is at the half way point. It is a long and straight line. Right beneath it there is a very faint 1 mm line that runs parallel. It could mean nothing. The third line is very short, about 1 cm. It is the only line that does NOT touch the edge of my palm. It curves downward. The fourth line is at the 3/4 way mark. It curves downward. I should note the last two lines are closest to the middle of my palm.

    On my right hand, I also have four lines. The distance between the lines on my right hand match up perfectly to the lines on my left hand. The first line is just straight. However, there is no fork at the end. The second line curves downward, but in the middle there looks to be a break in the line. Also underneath this line is a small 1 mm line but it is at an angle. Once again it could mean nothing. The third line is a 1 cm line that curves downward. This line, similar to the one on my left hand, does NOT touch the edge of my palm and is closest to the middle of my palm. The fourth line curves downward and is as close to the center of my palm as the second line.

    Will I have relationships again in my life anytime soon? Will they be as tumultuous as my first love? Will they be riddled with infidelity?

    Your help is so thoroughly appreciated!


  10. manoj vyas says:

    hi dear,
    i am manoj vyas , dear i have two parallel marriage lines on my both palm these both are equal in length and size. my main working hand is right. please tell me dear what this shows.
    I have done love marrige and i dont want to loose my lovely wife. please help me and reply.

  11. Freshta says:

    Hi Sara,

    I am curious to know what happens if a union touches heart line? ( Under saturn finger)



  12. kazinissar says:

    I have split in marriage line after split other line shows bit overlap and bend bit downwards . But in after split child line also there .
    Pl advice .

  13. Sanjay says:

    I have two marriage and first line is longer than second line. Each two have one faint light line parallel to each marriage line.First marriage line,i.e longer both side have short line.Is that illicit relationship?
    Faint Parallel lines, I am too much worry about it and i always look at it.I think it will worry me about my later future,is that true?

  14. arif ali says:

    Hi there,

    I married second time and got 6 childrens
    first wife took divorce in 2009 then I got second marriage in May 2011
    and she left me in December, 2012 and Im living with my 6 childrens and Im working

    Please advise or Ill send you my hand print

    Hoping for a favourable response


  15. aks says:


    I have three rising off shoots from fate line, all going towards mount of apollo. First rising roughly 1.7 cm below head line ;second 0.5 cm below head line and the third 0.5 cm below heart line. Further second off shoot branches into two after crossing the heart line.
    There is also an influence line joining the fate line exactly at the point of rise of the first off shoot towards sun mount.

    I have separation between life line and head line and head line begins at the base of jupiter mount.

    My current age 25 years and 10 months.


  16. Chori says:

    I have a question on the relationship line/marriage line… On my right hand i see 2 marriage lines below the little finger. First line is little above the heart line & is curved towards heart line & another line which is near to little finger is straight but has a fork at the begining & at the other end of the line i see a lighter diagonal line which looks like joining but if i frown my little finger the diagonal line gives a feel of fork at the other end as well. I am bit confused….. Pls help.

    I’m married for an year but i do not have a good relationship with my wife. We keep on quarreling quite often. Is there any indication of divorce.

    Kindly guide me in this regard


  17. Susmita Kumari says:

    Hello Dear,
    I am having a too much complicated life. I was in a relationship from the last two years, but now he is married. I have three love (marriage) lines on my left hand and only two such lines on my right hand. The first one is darkest and has a cross at its end, and the line has met the head line but there is no cross at its end in the right hand, and the other two lines are not dark, they are very thin and light. But they are after that dark line, and my first line is just in the middle of heart line and the base of little finger. and the others are after that, nearing the base of the middle finger. And the boy who has got married has four small lines on his left hand and only one dark and small line on his right hand, and that is between the middle part(of heart and base of little finger) and the base of the little finger. He is just 27 nad got married, but his lines shows his marriage after 30 years of age? I also want to know what is the meaning of that left hand line of his hand and only one dark but small line on his right hand. And about myself.

  18. xyz says:

    Was just browsing through palmistry related issues and came across your forum.. I know that’s too old but still hope a positive rply from you..i really need your help 🙂

    so the problem is that i always liked this boy from my class 12(highschool)..he also liked me.. we chatted everyday and are like best of friends but could not really expresses feelings to each other. i m 23 right now.However from past 6 months i started feeling that he doesn’t like me and like someone else so i started to tell my self that its over and i should move on..but somehow things changed, last week we actually shared our feelings to each other and are really happy…and i really do not want to loose him again. But the problm is my right hand(dominant) have 2 line.i have never been in a relationship before and i have only liked him!! ya so first line is small and the second line is long(long only because it starts very early if i turn my palm sideways) and also “starts and ends with a fork”. the two lines are also connected with very faint vertical lines. plz help.. does the longer marriage lines depicts my marriage with this boy only na,bcoz i wanna marry him only.. HELP!!

  19. Ellie says:

    I have a marriage line with three forks, the bottom fork has a branch downwards and an island, breaks then continues on strongly. The middle fork is weak and has two lines that go up at the end. And the top fork curves up to the little finger and into it.
    I’m guessing this is all with the same person? But have no idea what it means.
    Many thanks!

  20. I would like to know if I will get married again I am 54 years old – have been married and am now divorced – have 2 married lines beging on a fork oon my right hand I am right handed will I get married again

  21. sanjana says:

    Hi i m a 22 year unmarried girl i have a query i hve a very weird heart line actually i m not even sure what it is just above the brain line a line originates very prominent and runs a lil curvy down nd finishes half way before brain line without touching but close to it and above that there is again a linevwhich i suppose is the heart line which begins half way from my pinkie finger to the middle of index nd middle finger so basically thr is a line in between my heart nd brain what is it about i m little tensed as i just got engaged do let me know asap

  22. sonia says:

    Hello there.Can you please help me out with my confusion,i have been looking for more explanantion regarding a certain line on palm but its hardly mentioned anywhere or seen on hands.I have a strong prominent line shooting from my fate line towards down the mount of moon.Plus its not located at the bottem of fate line…rather the upper part of my fate line, just a little below the heart line. I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR RESPONSE.please thank you.

  23. zara says:

    i have two marriage lines both deep an long but the problem is that both lines are covered with many faint vertical lines, may be you can call intersecting them. what you can interpret.

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