Palmistry Life Line: Questions & Answers

Hi Mrs Palm Reader… I read some information about palmistry online saying that the passive hand is for the inner person (expressing emotional feeling) and the active hand is for the outer person (expressing to the outer world):
Can you tell me why the lifeline on my passive hand is longer than the lifeline on my active hand? Does this mean I am going to die before I should? How many people have this same situation as mine?
Thanks, RA

It’s not that common, but it can happen. Just remember that the length of the life line has NOTHING to do with the length of your life. So please don’t make this assumption because you will only worry yourself for nothing. The palmistry life line is an indicator of your energy level, your general condition of health, your soul, your life challenges, and much more.

Take care
Mrs Palm Reader

I have 9 whorls on my finger tips and my would be has 9 loops…does this signify anything.
Please tell me

to have a complete set of whorls is very rare, indicates an inflexible but responsible character.

If instead you have loops that point in the direction of the thumb, that is pretty common and reveals an easy going and adaptable nature. If the loops point towards the small finger indicates a more self assertive person than the owner of the other type of loops.

All the best
Mrs Palm Reader

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21 Responses to Palmistry Life Line: Questions & Answers

  1. Vishal says:


    Please help me out with this :- if person has black mole on life line what does that mean ?

  2. Amit Jain says:


    My life line sends an offshoot (it may be branching too, Im not sure) sloping downwards into fate line. I does this three times again and again. What does this signifies? Thanks for your help 🙂

  3. Nancy says:

    I am a women and have a brown mole on the heart line. Wat does this indicates. Does it indicates short life. Please guide

  4. Ser says:

    Hi Mrs Palmreader

    Thank you for the helpful responses. I am currently going through a difficult phase of my life and wish to know some answers.

    My dominant hand is right and I have two main marriage line on my right hand. The longer one starts with a fork, it kind of faintly converges. After which the line continues and there is a triangle formed right below my pinky. May I know what does it mean? I have a previous relationship of 6 years and now I am currently going through a long distance relationship.

    On my left hand there are 3 marriage lines, the middle one being the longest but forked 2 times!

    May I know will i marry my current boyfriend who is away overseas for studies? Thank you so much!

  5. swati says:

    i have a brown mole on my right hand fate line towards downwards just below the level of thumb.what does it mean?and i have a long fate line with clear hand

  6. Maxwell says:

    Hi Mrs Palmreader,

    May i please send a pic of my palm for you to have a look at please? left or right hand would be good?


  7. KAS says:

    what does a mole on the palm mean thats located on the thumb-palm area? the meaty pad of the palm thumb? I dont know what its called or how else to describe it. Its right in the middle of that fleshy spot, not on the thumb but below it on the palm. Right hand. Appeared a year or two ago.

  8. vicky says:

    please guide me i have a trident on my right hand down to ring finger and the base line is meet with head line the trident is straight

    and on the left hand opposite trident whose face is downward and between head and heart line and one line of trident meet with head line

    please guide me what does it mean i am in critical financial problem

  9. peach says:

    hi, i just want to ask how would you determine the start of the marriage line? is it from outer to inner? or the inner to the outer? my dominant hand is my left hand

  10. peach says:

    Hi my left hand is my dominant hand and it has forked marriage line and i do not know how to interpret it and how to read it. is it from the outer to inner or inner to outer? because the beginning shows accuracy in determining my married life.

    I’m hoping for your reply. thank you.

  11. Marlee says:

    I have a mole in the middle of my right palm. It isn’t dark it’s just a little brown mole. Does this mean anything?

  12. gargi says:

    Hello Ma’am,
    Iam 26 years old and iam about to get married very soon. I am getting married to the person i love and have been knowing for last 8 years…. its a love marriage and me and my to be husband’s parents are not very happy with our marriage decision, but we cannot live without each other,so v r getting married. People say i may lose my husband early after marriage…infact i have also read that those having marriage lines sloping towards heart line may have spousal death at early age…..i very very worried…..please help…..i love him so much and i dont want loose him bcz of marrying me…i cant imagine my life without him….plzzzz help….i have one single line on my right hand below the little finger and above the heart line…parallel….it is small in length…bold and thick in beginning and later little faint and sloping downwards towards heart line….on my left hand i have several marriage lines…..of small n long lengths and parallel to each other…..plzzzzzzzzz help me….plz clarify my confusion by telling me d truth…..i want to have a happy and long life of my husband….plzzzzzz help…..i would extremely grateful to u for ur help n consideration…..i will eagerly wait for ur response!!!thank u very much….

  13. aditi says:

    i have two parallel marraige line on my right hand curved downwards heart line but it doesnt touch it.both the lines starts with a fork towards palm and at the end of the first line a line cross it vertically not the second one can u pls tell me whether i ll have succesful married life or not.. i am right handed

  14. Mohga says:

    i am 24 years old girl, 3 years ago a black mole appeared in the middle of left palm. The mole exactly in the middle of the left palm between my life line and head (brain) line. Does it have a apecific meaning ? PLease i want to know

  15. Lannahh says:

    What does having a double life line mean?

  16. sunil d gawande says:

    one branch of my hart line cross to head line and lifeline and goes forward in circular manner to root of thumb of my right hand . please give me meaning of this . please sir

  17. Varnit says:

    my mom hai 4 mrg lines
    1 deep n 2 normal what does it mean

  18. SD says:

    MY lifeline on the right hand is dark mid way and then it becomes really faint and joins the fate line and then continues down to my wrist as a single dark line. What could this faint line in the middle of my lifeline mean?

  19. sweet says:

    I have a mole between line if fate and line of head. It was not there a week back.
    not sure what it means.

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