Palm Reading Relationship Lines, Marriage Lines

Hello Mrs Palm Reader

I am very excited and actually tense about a certain matter. I have two marriage/relationship lines on my left hand. Both the lines are the exact same length and color.

Does this mean that my wife will have two relations in her life?

Another question: Does the left hand of a man shoe his own fate or that of his life partner ?

Please reply me as soon as possible, i will be grateful to you.


Hi Rishi,
The relationship lines on your hands indicate how many serious relationships or marriages YOU will have, not your wife. You also need to read the lines on your dominant hand (the hand you write with). The passive hand is only used for comparison by a professional palm reader.
Generally speaking, the line on the palms are an “expression” of life events, like relationships, sad/difficult periods, health related issues etc… and how the person reacts to them.

All the best
Mrs Palm Reader

Hi mam, thanks for your reply…
And one thing more, Is there any line which tells about an overseas visit…???

And happy new year, may god bless you with joy and happiness…

Hi Rishi,
If you look at your right palm, look to the bottom left hand side (the closest to the wrist) and see if you have any lines shooting horizontally from the external side of the palm towards the center of the palm, then these lines indicates an important overseas trip.

Happy new year to you too,
Mrs Palm Reader

Hi Mrs Palm Reader,

I have two queries.

Firstly I do not seem to have a head line! Instead I have several crossing lines that join in the middle of my hand where the head line should be. I believe that I have the end of a head line coming off from these crossed lines from the middle of my palm, dropping downwards toward the outer edge of my palm with a (x) in the middle of the line??

Secondly, I am intrigued about attachment (lines of union) lines next to my life line. From past experience I was led to believe that these lines that run parallel to and follow the life line down the hand are lines of union. The closer to the life line, the closer the union. Is this right? Or should I just be focusing on the lines of marriage on the percussion of my hand?? I have 4 marriage lines, 2 of which are in the middle and very close together…almost touching. I can’t be sure if the middle line has a very long fork or two separate lines (with the line underneath with a break.) I have had two failed relationships and I am only 28.

Going back to what I call the attachment lines following my life line, I have two lines very close together, they do not cross at any point, but they travel down my palm as if side by side. And I also have a double life line. Would you mind shedding a bit of light on these lines??

Many thanks
Many thanks x X x

Hi Hayley,
with regards to your head line, I would have to see a picture of your palm to get a better understanding, so you want to please send me one.

With regards to your marriage/relationship lines, I believe that 2 of the 4 line you see are your failed relationships, while other 2 relationships are still to come.

The union lines could be an indication of 2 very important relationships that never turned into marriage.

What you call a “double life line” I refer to it as a spiritual support, usually connected to someone very close to us that passed away and keeps looking over us until we can stand alone.

All the best

Hi Mrs Palm Reader,
my name is Lou and I am wondering what does it mean when a person has the head and heart line as one. They are not separate from each other, they run intwined together across the hand. Can you please explain this to me as i have never seen this before.
Looking forward to your reply,

Hi Lou,
when the Head and the Heart line are fused into one line, they form a Simian line.
This line is very often found in people born with Down Syndrome while it is uncommon in healthy people.
When the Simian line is found on a normal person’s palm it indicates emotional intensity meaning that the person has very strong emotions often overshadowing his/her better judgment.

Some famous people with a Simian line include: Hillary Clinton, Tony Blair, Robert De Niro, Bjork and Mahatma Gandhi.

All the best
Mrs Palm Reader

Hello Mrs Palm Reader,
I just want to ask if you’re suppose to have the exact same depth and lenght of marriage line as your spouse.

Also, can you tell by what age a person will meet his/her spouse by the marriage line?

Hi Kila,
the depth of the marriage line is determined by your emotional involve
ment in the relationship. So no each person will have a different depth.
Yes, you can tell at what age a person will meet his/her spouse by where the lines are located on the palm. 

All the best
Mrs Palm Reader

I am very worried about my marriage line and its very confusing. When I look at my right hand on my marriage line , I see two lines very parallel to each other. They both are of same length and both curve slightly on the heart line side. Both are equally dark and there is no cuts or fork anything . When I look at my left hand I see one dark line in the middle and two small light lines on each side of the dark line. Does that mean I will have two marriages. Please reply to me . I am just very scared of having two marriages.

Hi Sandhya,
most probably you will have two main relationships that may or may not be marriages that is up to you. You haven’t mentioned which one is your strong hand but I would guess the right so, there are most probably to equally strong and equally good relationships in your life.
All the best
Mrs Palm Reader

I have two marriage lines on both hands. I love my boyfriend so much and want to marry him. Two lines means two marriage?
Thank you

two lines mean to main relationships. If you really love your boyfriend I would recommend you’d marry him. You never know what you might miss out in life if you get scared about the future. Enjoy the moment…

All the best
Mrs Palm Reader

I have two marriage lines on my right hand, and they both stop at the same length with a faint line joining them at the end almost like a box shape what does this mean?

I have had two other relationships, which never materialized into marriage, although in the second relationship I did want to marry this boy but it didn’t work out, but now i am happily married with my husband from an arranged marriage.

the two line you see are most probably the second relationship and your actual marriage. The line connecting the two is outside influence that forced the end of the relationship and the arranging of your actual marriage.
I don’t see you getting divorced. What you see is in the past.
All the best
Mrs Palm Reader

I have 3 relationship lines, middle one is quite strong.
It is quite long and joins the heart line in my passive hand.
In my active hand, it is quite long but not actually joins.

I am 25 and single.
Can you provide some insight on the same? In my past I had 2 telepathic relationships with my girlfriends.

Hi Amit,
three relationship line indicate three serious commitments of which the second one probably a marriage.
The fact that the line touches the heart line, indicates possible divorce or a separation.
Hence why you have another line above that one.

All the best,
Mrs Palm Reader

I have a broken life line on my left hand means my passive hand and right hand has straight line can any one tell what does it mean?


Hi Nadia,
because the broken life line is only appearing on your passive hand, it means that you were supposed to go through a major change (like a relocation) and this could have traumatized you, but you have managed to overcome the difficulty and to make the experience less traumatic for you.

All the best
Mrs Palm Reader

my marriage line is 1 but branches into two.  My active hand is the right..n the marriage line doesn’t join heart line. What does it mean??

there will a temporary separation during the marriage maybe a work relocation of some sort.

All the best,
Mrs Palm Reader

Hello Ma’am

Thank you for being so helpful. I have a query. I have two marriage lines of equal depth and length on my left hand, both are forked. But only one prominent one on my right but that is trifurcated. I am really confused. I have had serious relationships in past which never materialized.

For the last two years, I know two guys. One of them seem to be madly in love with me, but I, unfortunately, do not feel the same for him. I love the other guy very intensely though. He is in turn not very inclined towards the relation ship. I am 28 already. Both the marriage lines seem to be somewhere in the mid region of the space between the base of the little finger and the head line.

But my marriage seems to get delayed as nothing materialises. I am well established in life and want to get settled soon. Could you please clear the confusion about the multiple marriage lines on both the hands and any idea when could the marriage take place?

to answer this question correctly I would need to see pictures of your palm. If you want, please send me some with your message attached and.

All the best,
Mrs Palm Reader


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213 Responses to Palm Reading Relationship Lines, Marriage Lines

  1. Becca says:

    Hi sara
    Both of my palm has a pure simian line but they both have mini lines sticking out.
    What does this mean?? I dont have down syndrome.
    My life line on my left goes down strong half way then go very faint. And plus it goes to a clean split into two. Im scared im going to have an illness or somewhat cancer as i get older. It also curves towards my thumb.
    On my right it goes strong about half way then goes down very light, almost if you cant see it and it curves towards my thumb too but no clean split. Also, a random line goes through it pointing the direction of my pinky. Very strange! Please tell me what all these mean because im soooo curious!!
    Thank you!! -Becca

    • Mrspalmreader says:

      Hi Becca,
      simian lines are not only associated with the Down Syndrome, but are also known to be found on the hands of famous people like Gandhi,
      Hillary Clinton and Robert De Niro to mention a few.
      A Simian line indicates emotional intensity due to the fusion of the head and heart line.

      If you life line becomes faint, it only meas that you are doing something that your body doesn’t like, for example smoking, stressing or drinking.
      It is normal in our daily lives to have a weaker health when we grow older, but nothing you mentioned indicates a illness like cancer.
      A split on the line usually indicates a relocation by the way you described it could be in a place nearer to the sea.

      The random line is a influential line, maybe a companion that will be with you for a while.

      I hope this clears your worries,
      All the best
      Mrs Palm Reader

  2. ali says:

    i have a double life line on my left hand, and a broken brean line, my life line starts from the top of the and looks like chain and then after half inches it splits and both moves parallel and ends near the moon surface, and both have the distance of quarter inches..
    2nd my brain line starts under from the index finger and breaks after 1 inch and join with heart line, and rest of the broken line is strait ….. if you give me your email then i can send a drawing how my lines look alike.. kindly tell me what it mean

    • Mrspalmreader says:

      Hi Ali,
      by the way you described your lines, it sound like you had a massive change in your life when you were quite young,
      I would even there say that you might have been adopted or you have change country.

      If that is the case then what you have is normal because it indicates a ‘rebirth’ .

      My email is mrspalmreader (at)

      All the best
      Mrs Palm Reader

  3. sonia says:

    how if i got two line of marriage.. does it have anything to do with my relationships?

    • Mrspalmreader says:

      Hi Sonia,
      well, what you call lines of marriage are best known as relationship lines, so if you have 2 of them (depending on which hand)
      it can indicate two main relationships, 2 marriages or one relationship and one marriage.

      All the best,
      Mrs Palm Reader

  4. Freshta says:

    Dear Mrs Palm Reader,
    I have one relationship line on my right hand and two on left hand. One is short and the other is long. I got married at the age of 23 and I am already separated with my husband and decided to divorce. Could you please let me know that would I get marry again. My dominant hand is right.


    • Mrspalmreader says:

      Hi Freshta,
      because the 2 lines are only on your left hand, at the moment is not clear if you are going to have another relationship or not.
      In any case you might as it is in the ‘cards’ for you, is just that you need to give it a while.

      All the best,
      Mrs palm Reader

      • Freshta says:

        Hello Miss,

        Thanks for the reply.

        Marriage lines on my left hand are like: One close to the heart is longer than the second one and slightly bending toward heart line and the second one has fork and is shorter than the first one. from the top of the(fork) second line, a line runs downward and touches the heart line ( under ring finger). I am not pretty sure if the fork touches that line ( merges with it) or not.

        Can u plz interpretate these lines. they look so complicated.

        Looking forward for you reply.


  5. Giulia says:

    Hi Sara,
    my dominant hand is the right hand.
    In the left hand I have three marriage lines that don’t join the heart line.
    In the right hand I have two marriage lines: the second line is located at the height of the second marriage line in the left hand. This second line cross the heart line and join the mercury line being a unique line. What does it mean?
    Actually I’m 29 and I have a very good relationship ( 5 years together, most of this time spent living together out of our country -Italy-)
    Thank you for your availability.

    ps: Ops, I have to correct : “In the right hand the second marriage line is located at the height of the THIRD marriage line in the left hand.”
    Many thanks.

    • Mrspalmreader says:

      Hi Giulia,
      you need to focus on your dominant hand, this is the one that counts.
      The lines might not be both marriages but rather one an important relationship and the second one another relationship or marriage.

      If a line run across the hand indicates a marriage, so i believe the relationship you are in at the moment, will soon convert into a successful marriage.

      All the best and good luck,

      p.s: I guess you know that I am also Italian… 🙂

  6. Carmen says:

    My dominant (right hand) shows two marriage lines. The top one though deep does not extend far, the bottom one is also deep, but you need to turn my hand to the side to see it. I’ve just divorced for the third time.

    • Mrspalmreader says:

      Hi Carmen,
      I believe that you are through with long relationships for a while.
      Have a look at your passive hand as well to understand if things might get better for you in the future.

      All the best,
      Mrs Palm Reader

  7. Stephanie Gorman says:

    I am a real worrier when it comes to my palms I have a broken fate line and a cross over break at the end of my head line in my right hand, also quite a big island on both passive and dominant hands and lots of fine lines cover my whole hand, are these worry lines?

    • Mrspalmreader says:

      Hi Stephanie,
      the fine lines a definitely worry lines but for the rest i would need to see a picture of your hand.

      Please send me one at mrspalmreader(at)

      All the best,
      Mrs Palm Reader

      • Bunny says:

        me and my boyfriend has almost the same palm, same shape, lines, thumbs and fingers except his fingers are longer, what could this mean???

  8. James says:

    I have four lines ,the whole length is 2.7cms .the first line one is very small near the head line and one is at the 2 cms below middle ,third one is also small and fourth one 7cms below the near little finger.

    The first line is short ,the second line started with fork,broke and overlapping .The third one is also short and fourth one again got broke but overlapping with a line below .

    The line number 2 and 3 ,both broken and overlaaping lines are thick and of same length higher compared to 1 and 3.

    There is a mole above the fourth line i.e inbetween fourth line and little finger and one line from the bottom of the little finger touching the fourth line.

    I loved a girl at the age 0f 14 which was single side and it lasted for five years and then broke.I loved one more gal in my college at the age of 20 years and she also moved with me closely and now she got married to some other guy at the age of 25 .

    Will i marry the girl whom i loved at the age of 25 ??????

    • Mrspalmreader says:

      Hi James,
      any chance you could send me a picture of your dominant hand palm and side?

      It would really help!

      All the best,
      Mrs Palm Reader

  9. Micheal says:

    My right hand has two marriage lines. I have been married for 20 years and have 3 kids. My marriage may(may) be on rocks. Pls advise

    • Mrspalmreader says:

      Hi Michael,
      could you please send me a picture of your dominant hand, palm and side?
      It would really help.
      Thank you,
      Mrs Palm Reader

  10. Jaimie says:

    I have one strong marriage line on my right (dominant hand) that curves slightly down. On my left hand I have 2 marriage lines the first one being much darker then the second. I am dating this guy and he has 2 marriage lines on his right and one on his left. They are close to the exact opposite. He has had 1 serious relationship that lasted 6 years and now me. Im scared that he may have 2 marriages..and if I only have 1 then that wont be me. Can you help please?

    • Mrspalmreader says:

      Hi Jaimie,
      those are not two marriage but two important relationships the first one being his 6 years relationship and the second one i hope is you 🙂

      All the best,
      Mrs Palm Reader

  11. Rachelle says:

    I have 3 marriage lines on my right hand which is also my active hand.
    first one cuts thru in the middle and then continue for a while OR it could e seen as forked too (not sure), second is the most straight and longest and third is a very small line.
    I had a love marriage at 24 yrs and now i am having serious issues with my spouse due to his infidelity. currently i am 31 yrs in age.
    can u pls guide what is in store for me in future?

    • Mrspalmreader says:

      Hi Rachelle,
      the 3 lines indicate three relationships (or marriage).
      The first line closer to the heart line is your current marriage and the cut through is your husband infidelity. It continues because you haven’t end it yet (so the lines continues).
      the second line is going to be your most important relationship (or marriage) and will probably last most of your life.
      The third line I wouldn’t consider it because is to small to be considered a relationship.

      All the best and good luck!
      Mrs Palm Reader

  12. elda says:

    I am 31 years old and I would like to know if my marriage will last. I am right handed..I have 2 marriage lines that end on forks on my left hand, and on my right there is four lines the first one is very short but deep, the second one is a little longer and deep, my third line is the longest and it stars with a fork, and it ends near the middle of the of the mercury mounts, and there is the last one near the base of the little finger very light and very small..really hard to see…..I had a serious relationship in the past that lasted a couple of years…

    • Mrspalmreader says:

      Hi Elda,
      did you get married recently? If that is the case, your marriage is the longer line on your palm, the fact that it starts with a split it might indicate that at the beginning of the relationship you might have been a part.
      The line below it indicates your other past relationship, while the very thin line is not to be considered for now.

      Hope this helps,
      all the best

  13. Amy smith says:

    I’m trying to figure out my marriage lines on my dominant hand I have 2 deep lines and a very faint line in the middle of these. both lines do not even start to curve around onto my actual palm I am currently engaged with 3 kids to my partner I was wondering if they don’t even curve around the palm am I never going to get married or have long lasting relationships?

    • Mrspalmreader says:

      Hi Amy,
      it looks like you are going to have to main relationships or marriage in your life, the fact that they don’t curve, means nothing.

      All the best,

  14. tay 83 says:

    hello, I have 3 relationship lines. the middle line is longer(right hand) and the two on the outside are about the same length. right now iam dating someone with two children and two different mothers. what does this mean? thank you.

    • Mrspalmreader says:

      Hi Tay,
      it means that you will have 3 main relationships in your life, the middle one being the strongest (not necessarily the longest) and possibly a marriage.

      All the best,
      Mrs Palm Reader

  15. sen says:

    my girl friend is having two marriage line on her left hand, both are straight, equal length and depth, Right hand having she is having only one straight line. so kindly let me know what it mean. whether she will fall in two relationship.

    • Mrspalmreader says:

      Hi Sen,
      it depends, if she is left handed she might have to main relationships. Otherwise only one.

      All the best,
      Mrs Palm Reader

  16. sumi says:


    I have parallel (almost) on both my hands.
    on left hand the second line is longer than the above and the second lines are slightly faint than the above one in bot hands.

    I have a relationship fairly good one. please tell me about my marriage.


    • Mrspalmreader says:

      Hi Sumi,
      it sounds like you will go through 2 main relationships or marriages.

      All the best,
      Mrs Palm Reader

  17. Calico says:

    Thank you for having this website to help with understanding palmistry! I had two separate questions that I was curious about:

    1) On my right hand, which is dominant, I have one main relationship line, but it’s not very long and it does not touch my heart line. There is an extremely tiny one that comes out a little underneath it, but it is barely visible when I look directly at my palm so I don’t think it counts as one. About a year ago, I got out of a relationship that I was very serious; it didn’t work out. Is that the relationship represented by my only relationship line (since I was very much in love and the line itself wasn’t very long), and if so is there hope for another serious relationship and marriage in the future?

    2) Recently I got a scrape on the mount of luna on both hands (first on the right hand a couple months ago, and now the left hand). The first scrape left a mark that looks like a new palm line (even after healing), and I believe that the second one will as well. Does this mean something?

    • Mrspalmreader says:

      Hi Calico,
      Thank you for your appreciation of this website, it is very important to me to know I am helping people.

      Now, for your questions:
      1) I wouldn’t know if the relationship you had is the one indicated on your palm, as I don’t know your age or I haven’t see your palm to determine at what height the relationship appears. So if you want to please send me a picture (high quality)
      this email address: mrspalmreader(at)

      2) The Mount of Luna indicates your creativity and social behavior, have you being having problems expressing yourself, or have you had an argument with a friend or loved one? These could be the cause of the scrapes. The fact that there is a new mark, it might indicate a sudden change in your way of thinking. again I would need to see your palm to confirm that.

      All the best,
      Mrs Palm Reader

  18. Batool says:

    I have sent you pictures of my both hands via email. Here i mention my questions. I want to know about my marriage lines. I am 28, a right hander. I can see one clear marriage line on my right hand, ending with a very dim wide fork. On the other hand, I have one clear marraige line, ending in a somewhat visible fork. Moreover there is another clear short line above the main line having little space in between. You can see that clearly in my pictures.
    I want to know what does these signs mean?
    Thanks you so much in advance.

    • Mrspalmreader says:

      Hi Batool,
      Form the pictures I can see a very important relationship (or marriage) that will have a bit of a separation in between but nothing serious. There are also children from this relationship. So don’t worry, this is the real love 🙂

      All the best,
      Mrs Palm Reader

      • Batool says:

        Dear Mrs. Palm Reader,

        Thank you so much for your response. Really appreciate it. In my previous note, i forgot to mention that I recently had a divorce after just four months of marriage. My ex husband was a gay, which i didnt knew before marriage. As per my right hand I have only one line indicating marriage/Relationship. As i told you my marriage didnt last longer, does that mean I wont get married again?
        Thank you so much once again.

        • Mrspalmreader says:

          Hi Batool,
          the previous marriage doesn’t count as it was to short.

          What I mentioned above still stands.

          All the best,
          Mrs Palm Reader

  19. sadaf says:

    mam i have three marriage lines in my left hand 2 of them are downwards and they are straight but 1 is weaker than other 3 is going upward and it is in the middle of that 2 lines. On my right hand i have 2 marriage lines which are darker what does it means

    • Mrspalmreader says:

      Hi Sadaf,
      are you right handed or left handed? If you are right handed you will have most probably 2 main relationships or marriages.

      If you instead are left handed, you will have 3 main relationships or marriages.

      All the best,
      Mrs Palm Reader

  20. Selvina says:

    Hi mam,
    I have a marriage line in my left hand and it splits in the middle and also have three overlapping lines above it.In my right hand,the marriage line does not split but it is broken in the middle and the half line overlaps the other.I would like to know what these mean?(I write with my right hand)


    • Mrspalmreader says:

      Hi Selvina,
      the split on your right hand indicates an external interference that will affect not only your first relationship, but also the ones that follow.
      In any case it would be better if i could see a picture of your right palm.

      All the best
      Mrs Palm Reader

  21. casper says:


    I have some questions on marriage lines on my dominant hand.

    I have 3 marriage lines. Second being the longest and deepest. But this line is curving up towards the pinky finger. There is a light shadow line under it which didn’t start from outside.

    I am currently split with my 2nd BF. Is the shadow line means we could get back together?

    Many thanks

    • Mrspalmreader says:

      Hi Casper,
      I doubt that the shadow line is an indicator of you boyfriend coming back to you.

      If you want to, for a more accurate answer, send me a high quality picture of the side of your palm at this address mrspalmreader(at) complete with your age.

      All the best,
      Mrs Palm Reader

  22. Amy says:

    Relationship lines
    Right hand- I have 3 equally length lines but the middle line is longer than the first and third line. all three are straight across but on a slight slant downwards
    Left hand – two dominant equally deep lines with one short line in between them so like three lines.The third line has a split. All three are straight across but on a slight slant downwards.
    How many relationship and marriages will I have?

    • Mrspalmreader says:

      Hi Amy,
      are you right or left handed? if you are right handed you will most probably go through 3 main relationships or marriages, the second one being the most important.

      If you are left handed there will be most probably 3 relationships but the 3rd one being the most important one, even if you might be apart for a while.

      All the best,
      Mrs Palm Reader

  23. dilip says:

    My union line is forked at the end, angling 15 degree. At the lower end of the fork another thin line shoots downward and that line also forks downward.

    • Mrspalmreader says:

      Hi Dilip,
      it looks like that relationship will end with first a temporary separation probably due to work, and than a more definite breakup.

      All the best,
      Mrs Palm Reader

  24. Xan Dav says:

    I am 29 years old and right handed. I recently became interested in palm reading. Thank you for having this forum as it has been very helpful to me. On my right hand I have a very short faint relationship line just above my heart line.
    Above this line is another relationship line that is a little longer and more visible than the first. This line reaches the side of my palm and slants up toward my pinky finger but does not touch any other line.
    Next to that line is another line that is very similar in visibility and length that slants up as well. Finally, midway between my heart line and pinky finger I have a very defined line that starts forked and then runs parallel to my heart line(which is straight across my palm).
    This particular marriage line fades out midway my pinky on the palm of my hand. It does not curve at all and remains deep and straight until it fades out. I have had three failed relationships and two of the relationships I was going to get married. After my recent break up what is next for me? I really thought he was the one and I am wanting to settle down.
    How old will I be when the next one comes into my life? In addition, why does the marriage line start forked? Thank you for considering my questions and I look forward to hearing back from you.

    • Mrspalmreader says:

      Hi Xan,
      the line starts forked because most probably is a relationship that starts from far at the beginning (maybe over the internet, or maybe is someone that you know that doesn’t live where you are).

      This line is the relationship you were waiting for, and it will happen in the next year or two.
      It is a strong marriage and a happy one..

      All the best,
      Mrs Palm Reader

  25. Ralph Quigley says:

    Hello Sara

    I am writing to ask for your help in clarifying my understanding of the nature and appearence of the so-called ‘marriage lines’ on the hands.

    I am 60 year old man (born 1st May 1951) who is naturally right-handed. I have been married for 32 years and we have one daughter, aged 30. For several years now (possibly as many as 15 years) my wife and I have had very limited intimate relations, which has resulted in us almost leading seperate lives, even though we are still living together. I raise this because I am curious to know the meaning of the ‘marriage lines’ I have on my hands, and whether this will help me in my life right now.

    I have attached some photographs of the relevant area of my hands – I should apologise for the poor quality of the photos, but it was the best I could do. As can be seen on the left hand, there are two horizontal lines marked, one shorter and lighter with a slight curve downwards and occuring almost at the halfway point between base of the little finger and the Heart line (which measures approx. 20mm in total). The second line is darker, straighter and longer and occurs approx. two-thirds up from the Heart line. There are also several smaller, lighter vertical lines which appear to cross both lines.

    On my right hand, however, there appears to be only one horizontal line, though there are very faint traces of two lines (which can’t really be seen on the photo) which occur at about 3 or 4 mm and 10 mm respectively below the visible line I’m referring to above. This one line is relatively short and straight and occurs in approx. the same place as on the left hand ie. roughly two-thirds up from the Heart line. There are faint traces of a few vertical lines, but not as many as on the left hand.

    It would help me to know why only one definitive line is showing on the right hand, as opposed to two on the left – and whether this is a relationship I am yet to have, or is this my present marriage and, if so why is it shown two-thirds up from the Heart line (as it is on both hands) when I was married when I was 28 years old ?

    I would very much appreciate your help and advice on this and look forward to hearing from you soon. Many thanks.

    Best regards

    Ralph Quigley

    • Mrspalmreader says:

      Hi Ralph,
      First of all, the passive hand shows your ‘options’ while the active hand shows your ‘decisions’ . Basically you ask me why you have 2 marriage lines on your passive hand, and only 1 on your active hand. Well is because, when your marriage started deteriorating, you two started drifting apart, that was the time for you to choose to either stay in the marriage (even if it wasn’t providing you the same stimulation as before), or get out of the marriage, and most probably have another meaningful relationship with another woman.

      You decided to stay, that is why you only have one main marriage line.

      Having said that, I guess you would like to know, what would happen if you had to make that decision now, I believe that you could still have another relationship, not anywhere near as important as your marriage, more of a companion as such.

      I hope this clears your doubts,
      all the best

  26. Samy says:


    I am worried about my marriage cuz my marriage line is tilted slightly towards heart line and I do face lot more challenges in getting married to anyone. Will I ever get married or not, please let me know.


    • Mrspalmreader says:

      Hi Samy,
      I believe so. A slightly tilted relationship line only indicates that you are the one that will be willing to make more changes (like relocation).

      All the best,
      Mrs Palm Reader

  27. Manish Kumar says:

    I am very confused about my marriage line. There are 5 parallel marriage lines on my right hand (active hand), one line is dark near to my little fingure whereas others are slightly light then previous one. On my left hand two long and dark marriage lines are there and both are inclined towards heart line, out of which on line cuts the heart line. Does that mean I will have two marriages. how can i know when I will be getting married by seeing those lines, i am 30 year old.Please reply to me.

  28. nayn says:

    hello maam
    i would like to ask you that i have 3 lines in my left hand and out of which 3rd line is lond and inclined towards heart line others are small lines but my active hand is right hand where two line are there… one is forked but other is not as dark as previous one…

    please help in this regard.. my sepration with spouse period is going on,


  29. Bonnie says:

    I lost my husband very suddenly last year due to an illness. I noticed later that I had a marriage line that had developed a claw with the top of the claw becoming a long line that cut across and joined my fate line. This had not been there before. Did this foretell his death? I have another line now that is becoming stronger above the previous marriage line. There are some very faint lines that cut through my marriage lines. Does this signify a new relationship? I do not think I can handle losing a second love. Please help.

  30. maneaisha says:

    i want to ask you about the marriage line
    in my right hand i have 3 parallel lines first line below the little finger one is longer than second and third line
    in my left hand 2 parallel lines
    please tell me what does it mean


  31. Renee says:

    I have a air hand square palm long fingers. My (heart line) curves ends near index,
    Finger it’s long -on left and right palms. My (head line) on my right palm curves,
    A little down near mercury -begins with a fork near index finger. mercury there’s,
    a across and Triangle on head line next to the ending that’s on my right palm. On,
    My left palm the (head line) is straight long begins near index ends near mercury,
    with a fork. On my right hand my (faith line) it very long it begins near my wrist,
    With a star (ends with a star) at the middle finger very clear not broken at all. I,
    Am right handed. On my left palm my (faith line) begins near my wrist with a star,
    ends at the head line. Also there’s a star on my ring finger on left palm. I had a few,
    Palm readings I was told that I would be very successful. Can you tell me what age
    Would I be successful at I am 32- what dose the star on under my ring finger mean Left palm. my head line and heart line do not touch there are spaces between them
    Half a inc- gaps

  32. Becky says:

    Hi, can I send you my palm pictures so you can tell me exactly what my palm says?

  33. Angel says:

    Hi Mrs. Palm Reader,

    I recently came across your website and am genuinely intrigued. I am hoping that you can answer some of my questions with regards to marriage lines.

    I am a 24 years old female. My dominant hand is right hand.

    As can be seen from the photos, I have 3 marriage lines on my right hand. The bottom most is very faint and discontinued so I didn’t count it as one. The second bottom line which I count as first is deep and long. The middle one is longest and deepest. The top most is the shortest and most shallow.

    However, my left hand does not have any particular deep lines. I can see 3 or 4 lines which start at different positions and are only as deep as the first one on my right hand. They are also of different lengths.

    I am wondering what this means. Does it mean I am not really fated to have a marriage?

    I am currently in my first relationship with my boyfriend. We got together 7 years ago when I was 17 (he was 18). Recently we are having some unhappy incidents and he wants to breakup though I do not (we broke up and patched things up twice before). I still want to be with him and hope that this relationship will end up in a marriage.

    It would really be appreciated if you could shed some light as to whether I should breakup with him or I should continue to work hard on the relationship, hopefully I can keep him and we will end up in marriage?

    On a side note, I noticed that my heart line is quite jagged. Could you explain what it means?

    Thank you very very much.

    Best regards,

  34. hira baig says:

    i have a query
    i want to ask that i have two marriage line on my right active hand ..
    and one deep marraige line on left hand …below this line i have one less deep line
    what does it mean ?

  35. ankur agarwal says:

    My life line is pretty dark and smooth but it separates in to two near the mount venus.I separates as a river separates in two tributaries.What does this mean??Health issue?

    The upper “tributary” of the line is connected to the brain like somewhat diagonally,Making a triangle or a trapezium at the center of my palm.What does this mean?

    I have a dark marriage line which is a bit far from the heart line,vertically and I have another very very small n dull line under this dark line.This dull line does not even come inside the palm when I make a fist.
    Does it have any significance?
    And if I have a single dark marriage line,does that mean I will have only one deep relationship in my life.Coz I had a deep relationship with a girl for 4 years and we broke up last year, and the relationship does seem to revive again.Can u tell me something on this?


  36. ankur agarwal says:

    dominant hand is right.
    All i wrote was of right hand

  37. Tanya says:

    Hello Mrs. Plam Reader,

    I have overlapping break in my heart line(between little and ring finger) and also overlapping break in fate line(where it cuts head line).

    What does this signify?

    Thank you,

  38. Ser says:

    Hi Mrs Palmreader

    Sorry for the double post as I have posted on the wrong section.
    Thank you for the helpful responses. I am currently going through a difficult phase of my life and wish to know some answers.

    My dominant hand is right and I have two main marriage line on my right hand. The shorter one nearer to my heart line. The other one, the longer one starts with a fork, it kind of faintly converges. After which the line continues upwards and there is a triangle formed right below my pinky. May I know what does it mean? I have a previous relationship of 6 years and now I am currently going through a long distance relationship.

    On my left hand there are 3 marriage lines, the middle one being the longest but forked 2 times!

    May I know will i marry my current boyfriend who is away overseas for studies? Thank you so much!

  39. Mar says:


    Can you please clarify on the marriage line timings? The image shows the length of the relationship but not the beginning of it. Correct me if I’m wrong.
    You’re great! 🙂


  40. Sunny Rawat says:

    My sister is right handed. She has Y shaped marriage lines in her left hand and a forked marriage lines in her right hand. But her fork is at the beginning of line. Pls tell me about her marriage.

  41. pranab says:

    hello mam,
    i am pranab and i am 23 yr’s old. i have two deep lines below my pinky finger of my dominant hand(the right one) and three on the other. out of these three the middle one is a bit lighter as compared to the other two. i already had three breakups and they were very painful as well. i can’t forget the last one as she was the one whom i wanted to marry. i love her deeply but nothings from her side. please suggest.

  42. maria H says:

    i see a dark mariage line but its not long at all. above is a light fork not connected though. can u tell me what this means?

  43. tosin akerele says:

    how can i know my future partner

  44. karla morales says:

    Hi mrs palm reader.

    My fate line has alot of little branches around the base of my right hand.
    It turns slightly almost parallel to my life line but then fades between my heart line andhead line.
    I can see a faint box over that area with a small horizontal line going through the box my fate line is very faint in this area and it seems to break but then halfway through the box the line becomes a little more defined then it continues on towards my middle finger but slightly turns so its almost between my middle
    finger and ring finger. What does this mean?

  45. Alynn says:

    Hi Mrs. Palmreader. What does it mean when someone you know has almost exactly the same palm lines as you? We have identical life lines, head lines, ane extremely close heart and destiny lines. They do something slightly different towards the joining at the base of the palm,. It’s really eerie, I’ve never experienced it before.

    Thank you,

  46. kamran says:

    Hi Ms palm reader
    I have two lines at the place of marriage lines both are of similar depth
    One is almost at hte middle of length between small finger and heart line, infact slightly closer to herat line. A slight fork is present in middle of this line but its very faint.
    Second is closer to the little finger.
    I am a left hander. The lines are slightly more prominent in my left hand then right hand.
    I want to know the time of my marriage and whether I can marry the one whom I want.
    Kindly tell me this.

  47. Katie says:

    Hi Ms. Palm Reader,
    Can you help me clarify my marriage line on my palm. I have one dark line on my right active hand that are strong and long to the middle of my pinky. It stop in the middle pinky then it split like a fork. and i can see it clearly that join again connected to my heart line? What does this mean??

  48. ranga says:

    hi i have one dout in my hand marriage line is only one and it clear and my wife lines are little bit down to heart line what will happen to my feature and my life line also very clear pls give reply

  49. pabitra sahoo says:

    sir i hv two marriage lines parallel to each other. one is little bit longer than another, i would like to know whether there is a chance to love marriage or arrange marriage .
    In my recent past i loved a girl but unfortunately she left me and now again a girl came to my life and i seriously love her … so m bit confused this time. Whether this will gonna take a good impact or not i mean this time my love is going to be success ( marriage ) or not ???

    plz help me sir . if u want a snapshot of my palm then do reply me.

  50. pabitra sahoo says:

    Mam, i hv two marriage lines parallel to each other. one is little bit longer than another, i would like to know whether there is a chance to love marriage or arrange marriage .
    In my recent past i loved a girl but unfortunately she left me and now again a girl came to my life and i seriously love her … so m bit confused this time. Whether this will gonna take a good impact or not i mean this time my love is going to be success ( marriage ) or not ???

    plz help me mam . if u want a snapshot of my palm then do reply me.

  51. manoj says:


    I am new to palmistry study and I am stressed about my own palms. I have two strong parallel (almost equal lengthed) marriage lines on both my palms. I am presently 24, . I am worried about my marriage/future relationship because of this. I love one girl very much and want to do marriage only with her.

    Does this indicate that I will have two marriages/affairs? I also read somewhere that parallel marriage lines on both hands may also be an indication for a love affair culminating into a happy marriage later. I’m not sure of this fact and am very confused. Please help, and if possible suggest me things I can do to have a happy married life (any deity worship/upvas or other corrective upaay).



  52. María says:

    Hi Mrs. Palmreader. In my right palm i have one influence line that cross the line life and end over on the influence fate line. Please tell me what does it mean?

    Thank you

  53. Iqbal Kaur says:

    Hello Mrs. Palm reader
    Mam’ I want to about my marriage . I write with my write hand
    And hv two marriage lines. The line near the heart line is short and lil dark then the line away
    From the heart line,which is longer and darker. On comparing my left hand
    The line near the heart line is small and light , whereas the second line which is away from the heart line is dark and long. Plz tell me what does they indicate about my marriage. And plz do tell me something about love marriage lines.
    I will be really thankful to you 🙂


  54. Iqbal Kaur says:

    Hello Mrs. Palm reader
    Mam’ I want to about my marriage . I write with my right hand
    And hv two marriage lines. The line near the heart line is short and lil dark then the line away
    From the heart line,which is longer and darker. On comparing my left hand
    The line near the heart line is small and light , whereas the second line which is away from the heart line is dark and long. Plz tell me what does they indicate about my marriage. And plz do tell me something about love marriage lines.
    I will be really thankful to you


  55. ananas says:

    hello 🙂
    On my left hand, i have 2 lines. The one that is near to the heart line has black dot. The other one is deeper and longer.
    On my right hand i have only one deep line.
    i write with my right hand.
    Please tell me something about this. I hope that this dot doesnt mean anything serious like death of boyfriend or something…

  56. ruhani says:

    I wish to know what does many small lines and no one dark and stragiht line indicate in marriage line. I have these small cuts like lines . Very swall ones scattered but no single straight line. On left hand i have one straight line. My active hand is right. Please tell me what does that indicate. Also where can send you my picture for you to have a better understanding.

  57. randeep says:

    hii miss palm reader.
    i have 2 questions i hope u will answer them.
    i am 2 confused about my fate line. they are extremely complicated it breaks again and again. and is thete any line which can show that you have any relationship with a boy/girl before marrige. waiting for your reply

  58. gudiya says:

    i want to know will i marry whom i love.. i am not in any relation right now.. but i was in a serious relation for six years.. but that guy got married to someone else.. now i love someone else..
    i right with my right hand and dere is only one dark line..

  59. saima says:

    i have many marriage lines but two of them are dark but the most darker touches downwards towards my heart line and its short and my heart line has folks at both ends i;e heart line seems branches into three folks including my marriage line. what does it indicate

  60. Yeshoda.S says:

    Hi Mam,

    Which hand is correct for palm reading for girls? right or left? ?

    Awaiting for your reply

  61. Rahul says:

    hi reader,
    In my left hand the life line is broken according to your above palm image it is broken between 40 to 6o so could you let me know what is means.

  62. WASIF HASSAN says:


  63. Srini says:

    I am 31 year old I have three close marriage lines two are small one is longer I feel it is a overlapping line and I could see overlapping line on my left palm as well it is more clear However on my left hand there is one more long line which is forked and one fork touching my fate line . could you please tell me which person would be my actual partner and I love one girl from 6 years will she come back and marry me?

  64. nim says:

    i have 3 marriage line on my right hand first one straight and deep second one paralel to first one but light deep short as compare to first one and 3 one is vertical line and shortest one …. in my left hand one marriage line which exactly same first marriage line in right hand but it sightly curved towards heart line but it not touch the heart line yet

  65. Namrata Gupta says:

    I am 20 years old and i have a simian line on my right hand.
    But i have only one marriage line on my right hand whereas my left hand shows two marriage lines.
    What does this means? I have never been in a serious relationship.

  66. aks says:


    I have three rising off shoots from fate line, all going towards mount of apollo. First rising roughly 1.7 cm below head line ;second 0.5 cm below head line and the third 0.5 cm below heart line. Further second off shoot branches into two after crossing the heart line.
    There is also an influence line joining the fate line exactly at the point of rise of the first off shoot towards sun mount.

    I have separation between life line and head line and head line begins at the base of jupiter mount.

    My current age 25 years and 10 months.


  67. champa says:


    I would like to know about marriage lines.
    The man I am interested in is in his mid-30s and he has about 5 or 6 faint marriage lines. Does this mean he will not get married? he has been in 4 relationships already, out of which one was very serious but did not lead to engagement or marriage.

  68. Mekala says:

    hi sir,
    Lot of days i have one doubt, pls clarify this doubt sir, my left hand life line is start between the thumb, one part of the life line is thick , when it come down very lighter, my life line is thick above but same life line is very light, faint, very thin below,(exactly this lighter life line starts on end of the thumb also that place life line is splits two) i want to know why my life line is above thick and below very light, pls reply me sir, my doubt is i have ayul , .. pls reply me sir, my age is 28 married, girls left hand so write about my left hand above, also my right hand life line is well, thick , but last only have some fade but after that it runs well……

  69. misty maxwell says:

    Hello, my names misty i have 3 marriage lines on both of my hands the first line is short the middle is longer and touching my fate line on both hands then i have one more that is the same length as the first what does this mean?…i have had two seriouse relationship my first one was 5 years long i had a daughter with him..the second one was almost a year long i was engaged and preg but had lost it due to stress..(mentally and physically) and i have recently met this new person we are seeing eachother but not dating..but we have this strange connection when we are together..but i have only a short amount of time left to spend with him before he moves back to alberta but we are getting closer each time…please help explain this to me? and the angle that my longest line is on says this person i am suppose to meet will be in my 20s i am now 22

  70. teo says:

    hi Mrs palm reader!
    i want to know if there are signs that tell about persons sexual orientation! i looked for it when i was questioning in my sexuality years ago, some articles i read says that if the girdle of Venus has the shape of “v” and the Jupiter finger is shorter than the ring finger, that means homosexuality, i have both and i am lesbian. ( read on right hand, the shape is made by two straight line crossing around Saturn and Apollo mount) . but… every other book or article i,v ever read says that it,s not true, this sign is mostly mistaken ! i think this mistakes must have reasons or there might be other signs to look for. please reply if it’s true!

  71. viktor says:

    hello ms palm reader

    i have a very short marriage line on my right hand (passive) and i have a very pale line on my left hand.
    i have also children lines…i have no girlfriends in my life till now….will i be able to get married??
    im very tensed about that!!


  72. shaina says:

    hie. i have overlapping break in my marriage line. what does it indiciate? its like, one line with overlapping break, second same long length but no break, and third line parallel is small as compared to those 2.. plz help?

  73. hello mrs palm reader says:

    hii..please help..i have two parallel line in marriage line and first ine is small and dark and other one is also dark but slightly longer than that.recently my gf leaved me whom i love most and also we are going to marry but suddenly what happen i dont know she left ne..what is neaning of these line.please help..
    rahul gupta

  74. Gaurav Dureja says:

    Hi mrsplam reader,
    I wanna know is that I have 2 Marriage line on right hand one is dark and long but does not touch heart line n one is light n smaller. I’m married but love some one less very much can u please help me out

  75. amina says:

    i write with my right hand and i have only one marriage line on right hand.but left hand have two lines with distance between them beneath the little finger the first line is long and other is small. plz plz plz tell me about my relationships.i am confused. thankx……

  76. Curiousity says:

    Hi I’m curious about my relationship lines. I have 3 prominent ones. The middle line is the deepest and then I have equally faint lines equally above and below the middle.
    The deepest line looks complicated and I’m curious as to what it may represent.
    It is a solid line with a “<" at the end, but just before the "<" there is an island that uses the top part of the "<" to complete the island. Just before the island is complete theres another branch that branches up and forms into a triangle with the solid line that ends the island.
    Please let me know if you are able to decipher this as it's really interesting to me.

    Thank you.

  77. neelam says:

    i am 37 year old i have one baby girl but i an in love with othdr boy
    i have 2 marriege lines in my right hand one is small and second is strong can i do the second merriege

  78. Kamila says:

    I have looked over the many posts on marriage lines, but I am left with lingering questions. Such as: does the timeline refer to when couple meets for the first time, or the actual relationship of marriage? Both my hands have 3 main lines on them, I believe to be on my third one, judging by the positioning of the lines. My dominant, right hand has 2 fainter much shorter lines, followed by a deep one spaced further up from the first two. My left hand has the first one bold, second fainter, and third bold. The third lines up perfectly in terms of timing with my right hand.. a little over the halfway point. On my left hand the third line is shorter than on the right, and it has no forks on neither end. My right hand’s third line begins with a fainter, 2 way fork, but the one going up has a secondary fainter and shorter line attached to the bottom of it just before the “fork” merges into a solid line. My other question is: Which line of the fork relates to which partner, and what is this secondary line attached to the top one? I am optimistic, because the line then continues in a solid, straightforward manner, it is 15 mm long from the point of solid merge of fork. with a slight down curve towards the end. What does this mean for me? I am currently on break from a mutually loving relationship, after an explosive situation between me and his children during our recent holiday together. I am 36 years old.

  79. rupa says:

    Hello maam I m rupa from india.i m so depressed. Recently my engagement has broken.i m dominant right my right palm there is 3 marriage lines.first lines is not deep but touching to heart lines, and this lines is developed before one month.second line is just above the first line and it is deep and not very lond.and 3rd line is very deep and long but has overlap breaks and comming toward heart line but not touched. ….in my left hand there is three marriage lines.all lines are deep .but the middle one is more deep and has overlap breaks twice.what does it means? Will I reunite with my fiance for marriage? Is the separation is temporary or permanent? 

  80. Zara says:


    I have three questions.
    1) My head line is ending up in two splitting lines and then there are some lines coming vertically from my life line touching these splits of my head line and making a big triangle at the end of my head line. What does this indicate?
    this is my active hand

    2) I dont know what mount is it but the elevated area below the little finger, after the point where my marriage line ends on the palm ,at some distance to it there are three straight lines. What do they indicate?

    3) Can we know about our job through palmistry? if yes then where to see these lines?

  81. malsha says:

    Hi Mrs Palm Reader,
    I was wondering what it means to have the head line long and forked at the end.


  82. prashant says:

    I want to know whether my girlfriend was in relationship in past or not?? How can I knw this?

  83. naina says:

    hello mrs palm reader….

    i am of 21years.there is two lines in my left hand,one if long straight and dark,and second is below the first is short and light…on my right hand there is only one line,which is dark and slightly curv downward ,just slightly…i write with right hand…plz madam tell me about my marriage,i am in serious relationship,i want to know about my mariage with that boy..plz reply

  84. saleha says:

    i wanna know about my hand lines hows possible please tell me thanks

  85. jen aguilar says:

    on my dominant hand I have a straight heart line crossing in the middle of my palm and one small branch crosses the fate line and its also touching the head line but does not run accross its stops in the middle … and at the top end of my fate line is a very big star … what does that mean …

  86. cara says:

    i have a fork in the beginning of marriage line but the other line is long crossing 3 long children lines … what does that mean please…


  87. cara says:

    on my dominant hand I have a straight heart line crossing in the middle of my palm and one small branch crosses the fate line and its also touching the head line but does not run accross its stops in the middle … and at the top end of my fate line is a very big star … what does that mean …

    thank you

  88. Stacey says:

    Hi I am very interested to find out. On my dominant hand I have two relationship lines. Both equally as strong, the one on the bottom is slightly shorter than the one above what does this mean? My fiancé and I have a son and I cannot see any child lines. Also the relationship line (top one closer to little finger) at the end goes down a little bit pointing to the middle of my palm. Can two lines mean the relationship then marrying the same person or is it always a different person? My fiancé is my only serious relationship, I’m 26

  89. chris toste says:

    i have a print on my top left thumb is a girl name beth can someone help me

  90. Rani says:

    Dear Mrs. Palm Reader,
    Is it possible to see from the lines in your palm whether someone that you really love, will also be the one whom you will get married to?

  91. sarika says:

    I have 2 marriage lines on my passive hand of which just below pinky finger is forked long and other is straight slightly bent down. On my active hand there are 2 marriage line first below pinky finger is forked , long and there is slight dim line cutting fork egdes and meets the heart line and other line is above heart line . In between these two line runs a line from middle .wat does this mean .Its 8 yrs i m with my husband and now I m love with other man and want to marry him. Wat should I do.

  92. rishi says:

    i have no marriage lines on my left hand and 2 parallel marriage lines on right hand ….what does this mean ??

  93. fisher says:

    i have very small heart line in beteen below middke fingers in my rigt hand what does it mean ….

  94. Gaurav says:

    Hi mam/sir,

    I have 2 marriage lines strong in my left hand allmost equally strong. and i have three strong line in my right hand with one starting at middle of two other and longer than them. In left hand the first line is exactly at centre of little fingure and heart line, which is also bending downwards, while another line is above it parallely more closely to fingure going straight. The first line in right hand is very slightly bent but other two are straight. plz let me know what does it indicate. Am both handed . writing from right and other like playing and normal things from left including eating. I had one affair which i got broken up at 23 when i was in college, from there i got another relation which is continuing till now but her parents are adamaent to accept and lots of problems are comming. Plz suggest me. i can send the screen shot of my hands also , let me know how

  95. Monique says:

    So I have two marriage lines on both hands. Does it matter the distance between the two lines when you turn your hand to the side ? Or is only telling the age when you will meet them relate to the heart line?

    I’m just wondering because I was in love with a guy before but it ended and only a few weeks later my next relationship started because I felt like my relationship before ended a long time ago.

    Also how can you tell if someone may experience depression in their life?

  96. joy says:

    How can hi know the line in my left hand

  97. paritosh says:

    hi mam,

    i have one small line between my head & heart line ,which originates below jupitor base(centre) and end at saturn base starting,what does it mean is it doule head line and how it will effect me?

  98. deepika jain says:

    this is deepika jain from india born on oct 7 1987qt 15:44 pm…
    last august my engagement was off though i gave my 100% to this relationship and after that i went into major trauma…i would like to send pic of my palm to u…could u plz help me out?
    and what is the option to send u d pic?
    am eager to know what kind of life partner i vl get?and when i vl b married?

  99. samaira says:

    Ma’am please tell me about my marriage and love line …(before and after marriage)
    when i am going to get married? and what type of person he will be?

  100. Jane says:

    I have 3 marriage lines
    Does it mean that i have 3 marrige?

  101. Déborah says:

    First of all i would like to say that im really impressed by the helpful work that you are doing with so many people, it’s just great! I wanted to ask you a question concerning my marriage lines and i would be very thankful to you if you could please enlighten me a bit more about my relationships. Im 24 and until now im leading a very complicated love life. I had several people in my life and none of these relationships worked.i am actually seeing someone but still i am feeling that something is missing in our relationship and since a years from now an old love wants to come back in my life (its complicated as he already has a child but is not married). I have 5 marriage lines; two first lines which can almost touch each other of middle tone,two others in the middle which are lighter but touches each other in the same way and one final line darker than the other ones with a fork at the end. Should i send you a picture. Could you please help me.


  102. CD says:

    Is it possible to share your email id?

  103. Sanduni says:

    Haii mam,

    I have one marriage line on my left hand. But there’s a fork on it. I’m just very scared for it. What does this mean?


  104. ashna says:

    Hi how can i kno
    w what the lines signify in my palm?which one is for education?

  105. Jayne says:

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  106. Georgia k says:

    Hi, I was wondering if two, somewhat faint relationship lines necessarily indicate two marriages?

    It’s very out of character for me, that’s why I’m asking..
    Thank you in advance!!

  107. aqsa says:

    plx tell me sir
    I have one dark long line n two normal lines at right hand
    while I have two equal lines on left hand what these lines describe plx ans me

  108. richa verma says:

    hello mam…
    i m richa verma…i want to send my palm’s pic to u…..plz hellpppp

  109. rubab says:

    I am 20 and I got two light and one short but darker marriage line on my right and three on my left hand out of the three on my left hand first is a bit longer thn second and third is very close to my little finger n very shot two…plz help me to solve this really confused

  110. Julie says:

    Hi, I have two marriage lines. The first one has a fork and the second one is longer. What does that mean? Thank you!

  111. monica says:

    I have a black dot in my right hand near love line is it good or bad and one black dot on thumb down of my nail I am worried

  112. Lili says:


    I have two marriage lines exactly the same depth and length,
    That run quite parallel to each other , but joining quite in the middle
    Under the mount of mercury, and I cannot seem to track any of the lines after the join,

    This is seen on my right hand , but I am left handed,

    I also have another marriage line before these two, but that I owl would say is rather
    Less deep than the other two, but it is also special in its own way
    It starts naturally , continues with a medium sized island
    And exactly after the island there is a big fork,
    But exactly where there is a fork there is also a square, starting where the fork start,
    And ending in the middle of the fork.
    I would appreciate your help

  113. Arunraj says:

    I would like to send my picture of my both hands to show you that I want to know what age will I get married and what age will I start good job and will I settle abroad if so what age will I settle please let me know

    Please contact me I will send my both hands picture
    Please help me is that I will feel better currently I am having problems
    So please help me
    Thank you

  114. Pratik says:

    My Birth date is 6 december 1987 15:15 pm

    i have mole on my right hand palm.

    Can you suggest what is meaning of that mole indication and any future of me by birthdate and mole ?

  115. sushmi says:

    Hi mrs palm sushmi ..I have noticed three faint lines under the pinky finger of my right palm and a comparatively darker one under the pinky finger of my left palm…and a faint line just crosses it a bit….what could this indicate?
    Please help me out….il be very obliged to you if you keep my request

  116. sweety says:

    i have 3 line of relationship or marriege in my right hand.2 lines have same length and depth what does it mean?and 1 is small from them.i rather me have two marriage or one??plz inform me soon.

  117. vijai says:

    hi i m vijai my question is i have 2 marriage line in my hand first highly strong and second some strong tell me when i married

  118. shery says:

    I have two marriage lines on my left and three on my right hand. I am right hander.on left hand one line is short than the other.and the other long line (difference is little) is little bent towards love line.what did it means reply plz

  119. Arch singh says:

    Hi mam
    Actually I love a guy and he loves me too and want to get married , but he didn’t have a good job, so my family are not agree, how to know if my love marriage is possible.

  120. hira says:

    i have 2 prominent marriage lines on left hand and 2 on right , i have recently asked some palmist who told me that i will have 1 affair and 1 marriage , i want to ask that is it possible that i marry the same guy i have affair with or not? and how do i know its will be an affair , marriage or engagement? is it possible the guy i have current affair will be my husband?

  121. Ashutosh says:

    I have 2 parallel marriage lines both identical in length and depth with smooth endings on my right palm. The one closer to my little finger starts with a small fork like lines. On my left palm also there are 2 marriage lines but the lower one seems quite shorter than the upper one.
    Recently my girlfriend broke our one and half year relationship. But for now we have decided to remain as friends.
    Is there any indication that things may get as they were and we both can get back together in future?

  122. Najeer Desai says:

    Hi Madam,

    Heart line on my both hand is broken but it is overlapped. What does it mean?

    Also my life line is also broken on left hand. I am Right handed male.

    Further my life line is sloping downward. Please let me know what does it mean?

  123. Brianna says:

    Hello, on my dominate hand which is my right on my marriage lines I have two deep lines parallel and then 3 smaller lines in the middle I have no clue what this means I’m really hopping you can help 🙂 Thankyou

  124. namal says:

    My marriage line on left hand is forked and one end of this line is crossed and it is drooping downwards twice but not touching the heart line….and my in my right hand the most prominent line is straight…but I have a short line above this line which is very close to my little finger….and two short lines below the prominent line…both straight and of same length….and my right hand is my dominant hand….does the forked line really means divorce???and i’ve been engaged for a long time….and at what age i’ll get married….i m 24 yrs old

  125. kuljeet kaur says:

    Hii Mrs palm reader
    I want to know about 2 marriage line.On my both hand have to 2 marriage lines in equal dark.On left hand side one marriage line end with vertical line. One right hand marriage line end with light fork with vertical line plz tell me about its meaning.
    Many thx

  126. harshan says:

    hi palm reader
    i’m seriously in big trouble in my love life. I have three marriage line in my left hand and the middle line is large then the other two lines, my first marriage line is near the end of my little finger and it has fork at the end of the line. I dont want to separate with my girlfriend. what can I do for recovery of that fork at at end of the first marriage line and i’m 21 years old. please help me out of this, i’ll be so thankful to you.

  127. Sana says:

    Hi, a very big sqaure is forming on my left palm between the ring and middle fingur . The 3 lines are v deep and the fourth is forming . The sqaure is about 1.2 cm in length. I hv a semian line and am v healthy person and my active hand is the right. So what this sqaure mean? Thanks

  128. Natanya says:

    I have a question on my right hand on I have a few lines that split before my marriage line does that mean Ill be in a few other relationships before I met my soul mate or does that mean I’ll be dating my soul mate and having difficulties with him until we marry

  129. Nida says:

    Hello Mrs. Palm reader,
    I have one small line and then the other line is long that has a cut in the start. Above that long line is a branched line. I am very confused about my marriage lines. Havnt seen any like this before. Kindly apprise me regarding my marriage. My age is 29.

  130. Nida says:

    This what I have wrote you is about my left hand description of my marriage line.

  131. Ritika says:

    It will be really if u solve my mystery,i have two relation ship line in my
    dominant is the darkerone offshooting from outer hand wid a fork other starting below this lighter one running parrel den joining making a trident
    lighter one starts somewhere in d middle of darker one.
    and passive hand shows a single relations ship line ending witha a fork..i have a cross on jupiter mount ..fate line reaching saturn mount..lines coming from mount of mpon as well

  132. sulaman says:

    i have three marriage lines. one line near to the heart line is small and above other two lines are longer and almost equal in sizes. i am in love relation and it’s been 2 years passed to my engagement. what could happen next i am eager to know….

  133. Sameer says:

    Hello! Mam which hand is suitable for plam reading , if my left hand is active hand

  134. amit says:

    Mrs palm reader if there are two marriage lines in a girls left hand the lower line is dark and lenghty than the upper line what does it mean plz tell me

  135. Helen says:

    Hi I did not get an aproval or response yet

  136. hina says:

    Hy mam meh apku apna hand dikhana chahti hu per kaise

  137. maimu says:

    i have a marriage line on both of my hands but the right hand one is short and the lift one is long and deep my children line is very hard to see does that mean i will not have kids in future and one of relationship line is join with my marriage line what does mean

  138. Priti says:

    Hii Mrs palm reader
    I want to know about 2 marriage line.On my right hand have to 2 marriage lines in equal dark.On left hand side one marriage line end with vertical line.
    For much information I have sent you the mail with my hands pics.

  139. Deeksha Kesarwani says:

    Hii ma’am,
    I deeksha want to ask u dat my active hand is right but most people says dat marriage line should see in left hand n left hand is only for girls. Plz tell me which hand is suitable for girls. In my left hand my marriage line is going downwards and at dat line last thin line cut the heartline….but in my right hand my marriage line is 1 n it is dark but at last alight line going downwards but it doesn’t touch the heartline. Plzzz tel me what does it means. My marriage life willbe happy or not??

  140. kritika says:

    I have 2 marriage line on my both hands but in 2 lines
    on of them have cut in both hands..what does it mean??..

  141. fariba gholizade says:

    Hello Dear,
    I want to know how to find out if we will marry a foreigner or not, based on our palm.

  142. fariba gholizade says:

    Hello Dear,
    I want to know how to find out if we will marry a foreigner or not, based on our palm.

  143. johnette johnson says:

    My had cheated on me from February 2,2015 to March 5,2015 to my knowledge I don’t know how much longer than before I was aware to put my phone on recorder and heard him and her the woman stayed in my house she my son girl friend and he will not confess to me and tell me how long he been doing that to me I need to know who came to who and is she pregnant

  144. asmita says:

    i am very upset. My father insisted me a lot for marriage but i refused for that particular person but after 2 months my mind changed nd i got ready for marriage. My father showed me d pic of 2 or 3 persons but i chosed the one whom i had refused earlier. i felt myself connected to that person. m unable to sleep as well as unable to focus on my career. now that person is so busy that he is not able to come to meet me for the first time. my father insisted him many times but he make some excuse..plzz help me to know whether he will going to b my life partner or not..On my right hand there is one single line as marriage line and on my left hand i hav 2 lines in which one is lighter and very close to my heart line and other is long and little bit above the mid point..plzz plzzz reply me out. m anxiously waiting for ur reply

  145. mohit says:

    main three lines of my hand are not touch each other of both hands .
    so what is the meaning of this

  146. Mosami says:

    On my right hand, which is my active hand, i have total 3 marriage lines. One near the heart line is very light coloured & small. The second one is dark, bigger & a little curved towards the heart line. The thirdnear the little finger is equally darker as the 2nd line. But it is forked towards the back side of the palm.
    On my left hand, i have 2 dark, equally same size, parallel line.
    My status is married. Plz let me know how much are my chances of divorce.
    Thanks for your help!

  147. sahildeep says:

    Hello palm reader

    I have one relationship line on my right hand and another is touch with heart line…. two relationship lines on my left hand what does it meaning????

  148. parul says:

    i have four slightly marriage line on my left hand and i have two equal and dark lines on my right hand{ the main hand}…what this is supposed to mean?
    in my entire life i have only two relationship..
    first one was just for 6 months and currently with 2nd one…

  149. parul says:

    i have 4 slightly marriage line on my left hand..n 2 deep and equal lines on my right hand[main hand]…what does it mean?
    i have only 2 relationship in my entire life
    1st one was for 6 months
    n currently with 2nd one

  150. parul says:

    i have 4 slightly marriage line on my left hand and 2 equal and dark lines on my right hand[main hand] what does it mean?
    i had only 2 relationship in my entire life till now
    1st was only for six months
    n with 2nd one we are planning 4 marriage

  151. DSR says:

    what does it mean on my ex husband’s right hand there were 3 lines the middle line was broken with a fork shape at the beginning of the continuing line. we had a short marriage. married only a 1.5 years. all lines are the same length. the third line looks like the first line. on his left hand there are numerous lines mostly overlapping

  152. Shraddha Rahul Pathak says:

    Hello ma’am,

    I have query about my husband’s hand. His head line and heart line are overlapping and making a rough straight line. What does it mean. Kindly explain. I have never seen such lines on anyone’s hand. also search on internet but couldn’t find any answer. Kindly help.


  153. sonia says:

    Hello.I am extremely worried after seeing my boyfreinds hand.He is 23 and already had couple of relationships that failed.None of them however was as serious.We both are fully committed to eachother and there is no way we can imagine living without eachtoher.We plan to get married in future.However,i was a bit heartbroken after seeing he has two strong reltionship lines…almost same lenght and depth.Its bothering me from couple of days and almost leaving me reatless.Please let me know what this really means.

  154. mam I m engaged ..and I have two same size marriage lines in left hand and in right one marriage lines..will my engagement be succesful???

  155. Vinisha says:

    Dear Sara,
    I am very upset, as I am facing a troubled marriage. This year May 2015 i got married. My active right hand shows 2 marriage lines but not parallel to each other, yet both are dark and overlaps. 2nd line is long compared to the 1st line and touching the heart line. My passive left hand has only 1 marriage line which is straight in the start and then in the middle have a small curve towards heart line.
    Awating your reply at the earliest.

  156. garima says:

    my boyfriend has three marriage lines on his left hand and one on right hand he is going to get married in dec will he remain in touch with me after marriage?

  157. Fatema bhattiwala says:

    I don’t have any marriage line on my left hand ,no influence line what does it means ???

  158. Fatema bhattiwala says:

    N secondly my heart line n head line have distance of about one finger what does that means??n on my right hand my headline is long but on my left hand it ends at the center n on my both hands my head n heart line splits n last I have two triangles on the life line of my left hand please tell me what all dis indicates m a female !!

  159. Fatema bhattiwala says:

    N secondly my heart line n head line have distance of about one finger,
    n on my right hand my headline is long but on my left hand it ends at the center n on my both hands my head n heart line splits n last I have two triangles on the life line of my left hand please tell me what all dis indicates m a female !!

  160. neha says:

    I have to relationship lines. The second one is dark and long.
    But the first one is short but dark and then it ends with a very very light island like pattern ….what does it mean ?

  161. ishkumar kaushik says:

    Dear Mrs palm reader I have three parallel marriage lines of same length same depth and color in both the palms that too perfectly flawless without any islands chains forks or bends plz tell me something I also have a very gud understanding with my wife

  162. Bunny says:

    me and my boyfriend has almost the same palm, same shape, lines, thumbs and fingers except his fingers are longer, what could this mean???

  163. Longkiri kro says:

    I have two married line in my left hand. 1st ones is light and second ones is deep and longer than 1st one. But onely one in my right hand.

  164. Janet says:

    Question… On my left hand I have I have one big M and in the middle of the M I have an A. Then from my first M a second one is created but smaller…. My right had has the same… Two M.A. h and A… Just more conservative n smaller.

    What does this mean?
    Thank you.

  165. Richa says:

    Hi palm reader

    I’m 25yr old girl and right hander.
    There are 2line in my right hand the line close to heart line is shorter and less darker in comparison to the above line which is dark and long.
    In my left hand also I have 3 lines .First line is very close to heart line and very light and short ,the 2nd line close to above that is shorter than the above 3rd line.but the 3rd line is broken in 2 line but are overlapped with a distance between then (like one is ending the other one is started which has covered some distance between the both)..
    What does it mean I’m worried.
    Please help.

  166. Manish arora says:

    Hiiii iam manish arora I want to ask only one question that my right hand marriage line in the middle of heart line and last small finger of hand ….. And on the other hand in the left hand marriage line is not in middle it is upper then middle in the between of heart line and last finger of the hand what does it means ….. Tell me plz I show my hand one astrologer he said May be your wife is elder then u …..plzzz telll and happy new year……

  167. sagarika majumdar says:

    My child lines are very faint. I cannot see them with naked eyes. Does this hint anything negative.

    Again I would like to know if there is any chance of my overseas work experience in future.

  168. deepa says:

    I have one strong marriage line which has a short downward line from begining.but marriage line is longer than that in left hand. and second line is very short nearer to heart line. In right hand I have two equal line.I had a breakup with my boyfriend .i want to know is it posdible that he willcome back in my life and we marry.I want to marry him.pls reply soon. Thanks in advance

  169. Mehwish Pervaiz says:

    Hi. I have two equally strong marriage lines, on my left hand…first line is strong but is forked and the fork runs parallel a long way…the second line is curved down towards heart line but contains an island in the middle, n a branch from this island moves down and make with the parted part of firstline…i cant figure it out im so scared ofmy fûture life…..please tell me its interpretation.thnx

  170. sristy says:

    hheelllloww , i havee split enndss line in marraige line in myy bothh hand. tthey dontt exaactlly. looks like forrk they splits buut both brooken lliness aare parallel too eecah other. what does iit means??? plz help me ..

  171. Rida says:

    Hi palm reader…….!
    Actually i have a small but light marriage line and and there is also darker line right above the lighter line
    What that mean…………
    Can you plzzzzz tel me

  172. chandeni says:


    i have 3 marriage line
    none of the lines are strong or dark
    the first one and thirth one are same lenght
    but de second is little bit longer
    what does dat means?

    beside that…
    my heart line is long (from my pink finger to middle finger)
    however, it is broken in the middle and
    the first half is ending into a fork
    and the other piece is slightly higher again further

  173. Chandan says:

    Hi, I want to know about my marriage lines. I’ve two equal length and depth lines in right hand and two lines in my left hand but second line is bigger and depth. I love my girlfriend too much and want to marry her and want to be with her rest of the life. Please replay.

  174. shivangi astha says:

    hii mam ,

    I want to know that in my left hand there are two marriage line and in my right hand there are three marriage line….. what does it mean ??? plz reply

  175. jenis says:

    I totally I ve 4 lines… first 2 lines are very light 3rd line is dark and n at its starting two lines are merging into one line…n from the above a fork from the 4th line is coming n slightly cutting the 3rd dark line but the marriage line becomes dark after that.
    actually I was in a deep serious relationship with a guy since 4 years but suddenly he started cheating on me……. need help

  176. Pooh says:

    Hi if u could help me !!

    My darkest marriage line on my left has an island right in the middle which is starting to fade slowly!! I was in sort of with someone but it ended a while ago !! On my right hand the marriage line is an over lap of two lines ending with a cross !! Can u please guide me as to what that would me ? I am currently single and a female if that helps !! Thanks in advance 🙂

  177. Ashley says:

    Hi, my name is Ashley,

    I has a past few relationships. I has my right handed was 3 relationships and 2 marriage lines palmistry. On my right handed was the first marriage line that are an island at the end and overlapping – what does that is means? Second marriage line is good one.

  178. Anu priya says:

    Hie mam… I have 3marriage lines 1one is bigger 2 nd is smaller than the 1st one n the 3rd line is smallest than both three what does it indicate…

  179. Nisha says:

    Hi …I have to marriage line on my right hand. The wan which is located near by the heart line us short and the wan which is nearby pinky finger is long. And on my left hand is one marriage line. My fiance has three marriage line on right. The wan locater nearby heart line is short then the second wan is long but the line is breaking and join bck and again the another line located above tht line is short line. His left hand has 2 marriage line which is one short and the another wan is long. Could you please help me.

  180. Mike says:

    Hello, my name is Mike

    I have got long marriage line with a faint curve going downwards at the end (towards the heart line). In my marriage line, there is also a faint branch curving out from around the middle of the marriage and touching the heart line. At the same time, I have got one marriage line on my right hand and two on my left hand with a cross in the mount of Jupiter. What does this mean?

  181. priya says:

    hello mam,
    I have two parallel lines of same color,dark,deep and size on my both the hands, but they are littlebit towards heart line. what does this mean? is i have two marriages or two relationships?
    at present i have already two breakups, and from my last breakup i didn’t get out from it, what are this signs? is it the one who’s going to be my life partner?
    please reply soon, m worried

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