Hand Reading: Is It Possible To Predict A Date Of Death?

Hello Mrs Palm Reader

This is something which happened to my girlfriend, please give the right answer with out any hesitation.
2 years ago my girlfriend saw a hand reader by accident and as soon as the hand reader saw my girlfriend (in Iran) she could guess the month that my girlfriend was born. The hand reader also said that she was an artist, which is true. She also said “your boyfriend’s first name starts with R”,  which is correct.

What concerns me is that the palm reader said that my girlfriend’s life will be about 30-
35 years length, and a bad sickness will happen. The hand reader only looked
at my girlfriend’s right hand, also the hand reader explained that she was trained by a person who was in India for a while.  And she said when God determines a destiny for everybody, nobody can change it unless with very special forces that just very very few people have.

That was the whole conversation that happened between them. So as I explained, to you as a palm reader could you guess some things right, is it possible that some one predicts the length of life? Is the thing about the destiny that the hand reader told to my girlfriend right? If you have any special idea please reflect to me.

Thank you


Hi Rajid,

I must say that I have a very strong belief that NOBODY can predict the time of death of a person but God. I also do not believe in a fixed destiny but more of a destiny created by us, by the choices we make everyday . The lines of the hands regenerate and some change every six months, this is because we change.

A lot of the things this palm reader said are easy to read for a good palm reader (i.e. the fact that she is an artist, a sickness, and even the month of birth can be read (maybe not from the hand but more from the face shape or a combination) some palm readers have a lot of tricks up their sleeves so don’t take all of what they say for the Holy Truth because it is not always the case.

If your girlfriend is not completely against another palm reading, get her to send me a picture of her hand and I will tell her without any cost if she is actually going to be sick or not.

If she doesn’t trust anybody to read her palm again (and I wouldn’t blame her) tell her not to worry, there is a good chance that most of what this woman said was sensationalism.

All the best and good luck


Mrs Palm Reader

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4 Responses to Hand Reading: Is It Possible To Predict A Date Of Death?

  1. suvendu halder says:

    im now 19.. a palm reader says, my life line is too short and i will die soon or my family will be in some trouble for my premature death .
    i’m so scared, so plz give me a sollution , what i do,
    plz tell me, how palm reader says any ones death time by his/her palm reading?

  2. Parisa says:

    Hi. I’m a 32 girl. I could some how learn some few things about my destiny by downloading some palmistry clips. But i’m not sure that i will gain happiness and success in my live or not. By the way i live in Iran. If you have a bank account in some iranian banks for your payment, please send it for me and i’ll send a picture of my palm so that you can kindly read it for me.

  3. Nicole says:

    My fiance was taken to a plane reader, that told him his life is short and will be in a bad car accident. He gave him supplies to bathe in to rinse a curse that was put on him. Just wondering how true this might be

  4. Nishant says:

    hello sir….my name is nishant…..i have heard that when mercury line crosses the life line….this signifies the time of death…is it true or can it be a sign of good fortune ?
    mvery confused sir..please help me

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