Palm Reading Basics: How To Learn Palm Reading?

I have just started to get really interested in palm reading and would like to know where to begin.
I would like to learn Just the basics in terms that will be easy to remember. I’ve read about it but I want some basic stuff committed to memory…

Hi Stranger,

For the basics of palm reading it’s best to begin with the main Lines:

A – The Life line starts from between the thumb and index finger
downwards towards the wrist. If the line is strong and continuous it
indicates strong health and an active personality.

B – The Head line runs from between the thumb and the index finger
sloping downwards towards the left of our palm. If very straight along
the palm it indicates a very analytical and determined mind; if sloping
it indicates a more creative mind.

C – The Heart line runs below the little finger towards the index
finger, it is the uppermost main line. If it ends upwards the person
tends to be very giving and selfless.

D – The Fate/destiny line starts from the bottom center of the palm
towards the ring and middle finger. Sometimes it is not present at all.

If straight and continuous it indicates a good career and healthy financial situation.

For more advice on basic palm reading (and some palm reading diagrams to help with the explanations) go to our palm reading guide: and check out the palmistry diagram of hand.

All the best

Mrs Palm Reader

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  1. L says:

    I couldn’t find anything related to my question, so here goes, do the color and thickness of the lines mean anything? I have never seen anyone with dark thick lines other than myself, and I usually look at peoples hands automatically.
    I’ve checked a couple of books and quite a few online charts and websites and have found no mention of it.
    Just wondering.
    Thanks in advance.

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