Is Palm Reading Real?

Please support with some evidence or reasons.

My friend said that I will die early because one of my lines on my hand cuts off (or isn’t connected to the end).

I don’t think palm reading is real, but my friend says its real. Should I believe it? Whats the history of palm reading?

Also, on the career line, my friend has a line but I don’t. But I know what I want to be when I’m older. She said that the line will appear when I actually do that career.

See the sub heading ‘The Lines’ , there is a picture shown of the lines of the hand.

I have only palm lines 1, 2 and 3.

Do the other lines ‘magically’ appear?
I was also told that the lines below the pinkie are the lines that tell you your love life. Is that true? What is the history to that as well?
Should you only palm read the hand you write on? What happens if you write with both hands what hand do you use? Why should you only do palm reading on the hand that the person writes in?

Hi Clive,

It seems you have been scared to death by this ‘friend’ !

First of all Palmistry is a science used by the Chinese for some 5 thousand years and only recently being “rediscovered” by the western world.

The way palmistry or palm reading works is fairly easy to understand: our hands and feet are our body terminations and consequently our nerves ending. All of our thoughts, doubts, decisions, stressful moments etc. affect our body in different ways, one of those is by leaving obvious markings on our hands and feet, that palm readers or palmists have studied how to read.

A professional palm reader should read both hands, the writing hand is the dominant hand while the other hand is the passive one.

The passive hand shows all your talents from birth while the dominant hand has marked all the changes a person makes over the years.

Most minor lines regenerate every 6 months.

What your friend was referring to was probably a break on the LIFE LINE , that is the line that runs around the thumb. If there is a break it usually indicates a sudden change in your lifestyle or a major life decision. In some cases it could mean a sudden death however
there are a Lot more lines and palm characteristics that will have to be analyzed before stating that this is the case.

Have a look at this palmistry diagram of hand on my website. On that page you can read through the free palmistry guide, this will give you some more answers to your many questions!

All the best,

Sara (MrsPalmReader)

AM Writes:

Palmistry and palm reading can be traced back many thousands of years, hand paintings and palm diagrams have been found dating from the Stone Age.
It is thought that the modern day practice of palmistry originates from India, where a number of techniques have been devised based on ancient writings.

Since then, palm reading has spread to other countries and been altered by their cultures’ own religious interpretations of the signs on the hand. Ex, when Gypsies arrived in Europe in the 1300s, they mixed the palm reading they had learned from India with their own
blend of psychic abilities.

Palmistry is thought to have been quite popular among academics in Ancient Greece, with physicians using it in their practice. Aristotle wrote on it.
It is said that in the 4 century BC, Aristotle sent his student, Alexander the Great to India in order to discover whatever he could on palmistry, and although some experts dispute Aristotle’s writings on palm reading it is thought that he attributes reasoning and logic to the length of the lines on the hand – in his work De Historia Animalium.

Claims have also been made that palm reading was used in the Ancient Roman times by Julius Caesar. It is thought that he believed that by reading the palms of his people he could judge their intentions and sort out the impostors from genuine followers. It is said that on one occasion he read a man’s palm, decided that he was an impostor and had him executed. However, historians have disputed this and argued that the Romans preferred astrology to palm reading as a method of divination.

I’ve never consulted an actual palm reader but I have checked
numerous websites on how to read palms, out of pure boredom, and they all say the same thing: that I will be single. Can you change what your palm reads, or will it all, inevitably be true? Or is palm reading just a bunch of xxxx?

My mom had her palm read when she was twenty, and the woman said she would have three children (although she had none at the time) 2 boys and one girl, and that the last boy would be very dear to her and sweet and she also told my mom repeatedly how much my dad loved her, and that he would never leave her out of choice, and my dad ended up dying at

So is palm reading really real? Will I really never find love?


Yes, palm readings are real but some palm readers aren’t!

The lines on our hands and feet are a reflection of what we think and  do – most of our major nerves end in the extremities of our bodies (reflexology works on this principle too).

Our lines change as we change, As humans we are creative beings and we can change how we think and act!
So nothing is written in stone! Palm reading analyzes our main character traits and is supposed to use this information to tell us how we can use our strengths and build on our weaknesses.

See the palmistry course for more info about this.

Hope this helps.

Mrs Palm Reader

Actually, the palm is part of the body ,and every part of our body tells us something about ourselves , so your palms certainly reveal something too. However don’t take it wrong , i mean , it can only reveal your traits or even your characteristics. but you see someone believes that a personality determines one’s destiny, that is why some people can tell people’s future just by reading his or her palm. But from this point we see
that our future finally is in your own hand not in ones palm.


I once had my palm read, it was scary accurate! She said that I was pregnant – Hectic – sure enough 2 weeks later I found out I was pregnant, along
with a few other things that were dead on but which I didn’t realize at the time.


Last week a girl looked at my palm, she was giving me a henna tattoo on my hand at the time. She looked at the lines and told me some things about my life. It was not a serious reading. I looked at some diagrams of the palm on palm reading tutorial websites including this on. The dominant hand indicates the things you can overcome in your life- while the weaker hand indicates predisposition or things inherently determined based on what you inherited, etc.

It’s also said that people with larger hands think a lot- maybe too much and act less. While those with smaller hands accomplish more because their time is not consumed by over-contemplation.
Anyway, that’s my 2 cents


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13 Responses to Is Palm Reading Real?

  1. britni says:

    i got my palm read in the summer, it was on the board walk at hampton beach and I’ve been having problems with m love life lately and had lost someone that i took for granted, the palm reader said in 2 months me and that loved one would get back together..never happened!! Then my mother had gotten her palm read in new york, and she has been very concerned about me lately, so the palm reader had asked my mom if she had any questions and she said yes, i wanna know more about my daughter and the palm reader said ill do good in school and I’m having difficulty’s with my love life but i will go back to my past love and everything will be okay! and now i have my hopes up and nothing is getting any better! but its just so weird to me that both palm readers said ill be back with him

    • Mrspalmreader says:

      Hi Britni,
      I haven’t seen your palm, so I can’t really comment on what other palm readers have told you or your mom. What I can tell you is that it is very easy for a reader to tell you or to identify what the concern of a person is and to go with that by telling the person what they want to hear.

      If I had done a reading on your mom I would have told her that I couldn’t read you in her palm as a reading is extremely personal and limited to the person in front of you.

      If you want to, please send me your palm picture (high quality) front and side of your dominant hand complete with your DOB.

      You can send it at this email: mrspalmreader(at)

      All the best,
      Mrs Palm Reader

  2. Hussain says:

    Can palm reading really predict the future. I Saw other people’s palm and found that the indications were wrong. Like when i saw my mothers marriage line on her dominant hand,it was near the little finger and far from the heart line,which means that she should have got married at around 30 years of age. But in reality she got married at the age of 20. When I saw my aunts marriage line,it indicated a good marriage but in reality she has been divorced ages back. there is no indication of a divorce or even an unhappy marriage rather it is showing a good marriage. I have also read that if the fate line starts from the life line that means that the person whose had it is he/she is a self made person who knows what exactly they want to do in life. I have a fate line starting from my life line but i do not think that i know what i want to do in life even at the age when i have almost entered in my adulthood. I have read in many articals on palmistry written by professionals who many times have different things to say about the same indication on the hand. I even feel that you can only come to know what type of person you are and what is you personality and ability from your hand and even what you are expecting from life from your hand and not what your future is.

  3. Erin says:

    I recently just got my palm read at a fair, apparently a lot of people have heard of the women who did it and she’s supposed to be good so I decided to get mine done. She told me that I’m going to have a boyfriend in August. She said he has brown hair, a bit of an accent, likes to travel and isn’t from my town. She said he should hit me up soon to ask to hangout and sometime in August we will be going out. this really had me thinking of who it could be, it had me thinking to much that I feel like what if I don’t answer this persons text for some reason because in too busy thinking its a different guy. I just don’t want to do something stupid and ruin my chances. I just wish I asked her more questions.

    • Wassim says:

      Ok, dear Erin,

      How on earth can a line on the palm tell the hair color of a potential boyfriend? And why on August not September?

      I am a professional palmist and I know that this is not palmistry, it is rather called clairvoyance. If the woman you went to is using her clairvoyance skill while doing her palm reading, she might have some insights about a potential boyfriend. So, this has really nothing to do with the question of whether palmistry is true or false. It has more to do with the question of whether this woman is psychic or not.

      On the other hand, even the best psychics make false predictions. Some of their predictions are correct, I know that from my own experience. I didn’t use to believe in the “supernatural” many years ago until I’ve met an amazing psychic. I’ve never met any better psychic in my life after that and I don’t think I will ever meet one who is just as good.

      For more info about palmistry: Palmistry7.WordPress.Com

  4. Wassim says:

    Dear people who are interested to know the truth about palmistry,

    Palmistry is neither real nor a hoax, it is just a bunch of opinions throughout the ages of people who have observed palm lines and tried to connect them with all sorts of things including personality, health, wealth, destiny, life, etc.

    There are many systems that has been developed to read palms, some of them are more accurate than others, but non of them is perfect. So, you cannot really ask if “palmistry” in general is true or false. You need to specify what sort of palmistry you are talking about and how much accuracy would be considered as true. Is 90% accuracy true for you? Or does it need to be 100%? On the other hand, what if you get a palm reading where every single prediction turned out to be false except one which gives you valuable information about how to become a billionaire (for example). Would you still consider the whole palmistry to be nonsense and shouldn’t be studied anymore?

    If you really want to give a fair opinion about palmistry, you need to have some experience with many palmists, read a lot about it, and test it on many people. I am excited to know what your opinion would be then!

  5. Seanna says:

    This lady who read my palms told me I will meet another guy when I’m 32 and I will break up with my current one, I will meet this new guy overseas. Funny thing is I would never travel alone. I can’t see me leaving my boyfriend ever! We been together two years. She said there will defs be an engagement with the current guy but no wedding. After hearing all this after u been with the guy for two years and gone through so much together it’s so hurtful to hear

  6. Sandi says:

    I’ve never had my palm read, and after recently began thinking about it. I began looking into the history of Palm reading, My question for you, is there any way,such as an organization, to check to see if a person is qualified or legitiment? I certainly don’ t want to get false information.


  7. ajay says:

    It is said that if by joining both the hands ,if ur heart line does’nt make a half moon you will not get a beautiful life dis true????

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