Which Hand Do You Read in Palm Reading, Left or right?

I am trying to figure out why some people do palm reading on the right hand and some on left hand.


The lines are different on both hands and say two different things!
Which is the correct hand to read?


For an accurate hand reading it’s important to read both hands.

You will need to know the dominant hand of the person (that would be the hand the person uses the most, and writes with). Based on this you can first start reading the passive hand to get an indication of the person’s background and potential and then proceed to the dominant hand to see in which direction he/she is headed.

Reading the hands together gives you a better idea of how a person is willing to change, ‘roll with the punches’ and to risk in life.

For a better understanding of basic palm reading see my free online palmistry course with palmistry hand charts and diagrams to help you on your way.

All the best

Mrs Palm Reader

I should add that your dominant hand changes more often because the majority of your thoughts and actions are represented by this hand, while your passive hand stays basically the same over the course of your life because it represents the past and your talents, character traits and opportunities given to you at birth.

See the palm reading diagrams and palmistry charts in the online palmistry guide to help explain basic palmistry better.

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19 Responses to Which Hand Do You Read in Palm Reading, Left or right?

  1. tanner says:

    My friend can read the right palm no problem. But she doesn’t know how to read my left palm. I want to know fully what’s going to happem to me. All she can find on my right hand that I will have two near death really close near death experiences and finally find love

    • Mrspalmreader says:

      Hi Tanner,
      first of all I would need you to provide your age, a picture of your palms and to know which is your dominant hand.

      Also I do charge for a full reading, so the only thing I could do for you is to confirm your friend’s theory or answer one question you might have.

      All the best,
      Mrs Palm Reader

  2. C says:

    On both hands I have a straight deep line across the top of my palm with a few islands and a few branches, this is my head line and heart line conjoined together and its actually difficult to see both lines seperately. I was just wondering what this might mean?

    • Mrspalmreader says:

      Hi C,
      what you are describing is most probably a simian line.
      This line has been found in the hands of few famous people like Gandhi, Hillary Clinton or Robert De Niro.
      It indicates a very passionate person with strong will and talent; the islands on it indicate some difficult times and the branches shooting off it may mark some outside influence.

      Hope this clears it,
      All the best
      Mrs Palm Reader

  3. Nick says:

    So I just started looking into palm reading and I was wondering does it work? Also is palm reading predicting the future or is it just personality assisments? What are some good books to read on palm reading?

    • Mrspalmreader says:

      Hi Nick,
      I do palm reading, because people sometimes need direction in life. They feel lost or stuck, and I feel that by reminding them who they are, their strength and their weaknesses, I can help them gain control again over their life. Does it work? It depends what do you mean by that, it is not a magic potion or a solution to all your worries, but if done properly it definitely helps.

      The hands mark the direction a person is taking, it does in a way predict the future. But this future changes as a person makes choices, so is not written in stone.

      There are few books that I recommend on my home page : being the:
      “The Art of Hand Reading”: (Lori Reid) my favorite.

      Palm reading books which I have read and will gladly recommend:

      Basic palm reading for beginners (Richard Webster). Covers the palmistry basics well and gives advice on how to read palms. Popular amongst those learning palm reading. My mark 8/10.

      Palm Reading : Character analysis and divination (Staci Mendoza) with easy to follow palm reading hand chart. 7.5/10

      Practical palmistry : (Jon Dathen) Good line reading examples, palm reading diagrams and palmistry charts. 7.5/10

      (NB) Cheiro’s palmistry for all: (Cheiro) If you haven’t bought a book on palm reading yet I suggest this to be the 1st palm reading book that you buy! Most modern day palm readers have referenced Cheiro at some or another stage. My rank 9.5/10.

      (NB) The book of the hand: (Fred Gettings) – Also highly recommended, informative palm reading hand charts. 9/10.

      The Art of Hand Reading: (Lori Reid) – Very popular amongst aspiring palm readers and those wishing to learn palm reading. It’s a very easy to follow palm reading guide with plenty of helpful illustrations and palmistry charts. A BIG thumbs up from me! 9.5/10.

      Palm Reading, Guide to life’s secrets: (Dennis Fairchild) 7.5/10.

      All the best,
      Mrs Palm Reader

  4. A says:

    Since I turn 40 ,I have become a very Intuitive person .But it make me more confuse and question more.Is there any line on hand that show if a person is really intuitive ?

  5. Marianne says:

    My life line is different on my left and on my right hand, and I am left-handed person. How should I interpret them?

    • Mrspalmreader says:

      Hi Marianne, the lines on the palm change as you grow. The passive hand stays more or less the same, while the dominant hand changes the most.

      So to make life easier for you, focus on your dominant hand.

      All the best,
      Mrs Palm Reader

  6. Mr.Sun says:

    Would you please like to guide me in understanding the my palm that I am right handed person with two parallel marriage lines on right( dominanat) hand while on left(passive) hand marriage line is splitting from approximately center of marriage line.
    I am male 23. Please guide me in this regard..

  7. megan says:

    Dear Mrs Palm reader,

    I have a question regarding marriage line. On my left(passive) hand, I have a weird split(not like a fork that is shown on a lot of online pictures). For my right(dominant) hand, I have a nice straight marriage line. May I know what does this symbolize? Which one should I look at?

    A friend of mine, has the weird split on her marriage line on her dominant hand instead.

    Please help us if you have the time? Thank you, good luck!

    Best Regards,

  8. Joann says:

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    • DD says:

      I will google to see what it has to offer,i also think,one should be gifted in order to read someones palm if reading for the future,palm reading should not be learnt.

  9. Jacob says:

    I am curious about a feature on my hand. I have a small deep pit at the end of my head line. It was not there when I was younger, but it seemed to just appear sometime around 5 years ago. The placement is odd as it really does appear to be at the very end of the head line. So, my head line ends in a deep hole. It may have been a work injury since I work with my hands, but I don’t remember any incident that may have caused it and I recall no pain. Basically I guess my question is whether a superficial mark acquired in life has any significance in palmistry, and what might it mean if it does?

  10. rhys says:

    Hello my dominant hand is right, and I have a fully formed M on my lieft hand with a big triangle.. but on my right hand it’s half the size on my life line with a little line that comes out my life line the triangle connects but a split is there what does this mean? Also I have the same sized triangle on my fate line could u tell me what that means? I’m trying to figure out if I will have money I do not have a big M on my right hand it is a smaller one please help me and try to understand..

  11. lerin says:

    im just wondering my dominant hand only has the three dominant lines my left hand has 5 none of the books have the way my palm looks i am very confused my life has been confusing painful and tiring i just need a little help

    thank you

  12. prachi says:

    I Need some direction and wanna to know about my future ……….as m I lefty means left hand dominant .so plz help me there is grt curiosity to know abt my future life 😶😐🤔 plz rply me.

  13. ashutosh says:

    hi. this is ashu.i want to know that, i used to write with my left hand but i do my wall the work with right except writing. so which hand should i say my active or dominant hand and non dominant hand

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