Palm Reading Fate Line: What’s Your Chance of Success?

Hello Mrs Palm Reader!
What is the probability of success for me in my new business?

I am a woman 46 years old and is previously a successful product counselor and project manager in the Telecommunications industry. I live in Norway. But I have always had an interest in music/arts and spiritual life. Now I want to start my own business making a network for people who want to focus on natural ecological ways of living, I will also target the business market. I really want people to be aware of their body’s own healing powers, and also sell products supporting this vision.

But what are my chances of success?

I have an air hand. The Jupiter and Apollo fingers are equal length (maybe Jupiter a little bit longer.) Saturn finger is half “length” longer than Apollo and the top of Saturn finger bends towards Apollo.

The mounts are well developed. Apollo and mercury form one big mount.

I have many lines in my hand and also vertical lines on my fingers. The life line is connected with the head line for about 2 centimeters. The life line goes all the way round my thumb base. The headline is long and ends in (my right dominant hand) in a small fork on the upper moon mount. The headline on the left hand has a big fork: one ending on the upper moon and the other one on the mid moon.

My heart line is straight (parallel 1 cm with the head line until it reaches Saturn/Apollo mount) and ends on the Jupiter mount. I can see a couple of very small lines connecting the heart and head line on the mount of Jupiter.

But about the fate line: it starts in the bottom part of the hand, as if it shoots out from the life line. In the beginning it is very strong and goes straight towards Saturn. But then right after it has crossed the head line it makes a small thin fork. One tip of the fork goes towards the Saturn, but ends on the heart line. The other tip bends slightly towards Jupiter, and after crossing the heart line it goes straight to the base of Jupiter finger. But the line is not so strong as before.

How do you interpret this? Is this type of fate line a good or bad sign?

The left hand fate line looks almost the same, I have also a small vertical line on the mount of Saturn but it doesn’t seem to connect to the big fate line.

I will be very happy if you find time to answer me…



Hi Laila,
Well it’s a little tricky doing a palm reading without the actual hand or an image of the hand, so I will do the best I can based from what you have told me.

You say that you have an Air hand; this indicates a person always on the go, with a lot of things on her mind, a good social life and a high demand job. A lot of thin lines on your hand indicate this busy life and sometimes stressful periods.

Focusing on your Fate line, if in actual fact it starts from the life line, it indicates a family orientated career.

The fact that your fate line is a straight strong line (until I guess your mid forties) it is because until not long ago your career life looked strong and stable.
The splitting of the lines is the indication of your choice to become self employed and the fact that there are two lines indicates that you will probably be multi-tasked – when we are self employed we have to learn different aspects of the business.

Your profession will take off but it won’t be easy. You will have to work hard at it.

At one point you will decide to pass to someone else a part of your responsibilities (probably someone in your family) and to focus your attention on the leadership role.

Don’t worry it will be a very rewarding job, you are a good leader and luck is on your side!

The vertical line on the Saturn mount is an indication of receiving good luck.

This is just a basic palm reading as in order to do a complete palm reading I need to combine the reading of all/some lines marks and mounts on the hand while taking into account color texture line strength etc. of both hands.

All the best,

Hi Sara,

I have a question I hope you can help me with. I have lines that shape into a circle almost touching the top of my fate line, through my heart line.

I would like a full palm reading

to understand the lines you are talking about I would have to see some pictures, please send them to me.
For a full reading please follow the instructions provided on this page: webcam reading

All the best

I have an interesting mark on my right hand. Both my fate and life line are well defined and reach the bottom of my palm. My fate life begins at the bottom of my wrist, next to my life line and not joining it, but it curves upward. There is a part where lines from my life line connect to my fate line to form a triangle, as well as an X. Can you please tell me what that means.

one of the two lines connecting the life and fate line, is a marriage line; the other one is a travel line. The fact that they are connected indicates a connection between your relocation and meeting your future spouse.

All the best
Mrs Palm Reader

I have two fate lines one starting from the mount of moon and stops on the head line, and the second one starts from the head line and goes to the mount of Saturn. What dose it mean I have a lot of problems in finance….
Can you help me?

the first part of your fate line indicates your career until the age of about 40. The second part indicates a change in your job description, most probably you will find yourself a new job.

Good luck!
Mrs Palm Reader

My fate line on the left hand starts from the mount of moon and goes up to the heart line touching it and then bending upto the mount of Jupiter.
What does that means?

Hi Musfirah,
a fate line beginning on the Moon mount suggests a career with a creative emphasis. Dealing with other people or working in the public sphere is also with this type on line.  A fate ending in the direction of the Jupiter mount is often seen in the hands of those who work in high profile occupations or who gain power in their lives or careers.

All the best,
Mrs Palm Reader


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34 Responses to Palm Reading Fate Line: What’s Your Chance of Success?

  1. Messy says:

    Hi Mrs Palm Reading,

    I have a question regarding my fate line and some deviations it may have.

    My fate line suffers a small cut (it is crossed by a line that connects life line and heart line) between the head and heart line.

    Finally it goes on, towards the Jupiter mount, but seems to end at the heart line (it just sticks out like 2 mm from the heart line).
    Also there is a small fork, not very strong, that points out to the Mount of Apollo.

    Besides, there is a parallel line that starts between the head and heart line and that goes to the Mount of Jupiter, stops 1 mm and then goes on until the the base of the middle finger. I think that is not a good new…

    By the way, does the fate line change along our life? I am 29 and from the few things I have seen from palmistry it makes me feel a bit helpless.

    Thanks for your help!

    • Mrspalmreader says:

      Hi Messy,
      the lines on the palm rejuvenate every 6 months, so nothing is set in stone and you can change your future as you go along.
      The fate line you are describing only indicates that you will have quite a secure job until your forties.
      At that age you will take on a secondary work that then will become your main one and you will decide to leave the other one.

      The line crossing it I believe is your future husband (so nothing to do with the fate line).

      All the best,
      Mrs Palm Reader

  2. Messy says:

    Thanks Sarah for your reply.

  3. krishna says:

    hi, i want to know about my job, length from bottom of the palm to the middle finger is 10 cm. i have a fate line which does not start at the bottom of palm but starts after 3 cm from palm. there is one line very deep which from mount of lunar and it cuts the fate line and life line slooping downwards touches the bracelet. this line is crossed by a X shape in between fate line and life line. where fate line starts at same point about 1 cm distance life line stops. fate line reached till heart line. i have four horizontal lines on fate line before crossing the head line but last line is strong and dark and it comes from mount of venus crossing through life line and then fate line and then touching the head line. first horizontal line is about is 0.7 cm from the start of fate line, second one is 0.6 cm, third one 0.6 cm, and fourth horizontal line 0.8 cm and the fate line remains 0.3 cm till it reaches the head line. fourth horizontal line after crossing the fate line has another vertical line (2nd line) started and it reaches to heart line and it is parallel to fate line inbetween head and heart line. there is another vertical line (3rd line) which started from the life line below the fouth horizontal line and it touches another vertical line after fourth horizontal line inbetween fate line and life line and it goes beyond heart line but another horizontal line cuts it after crossing heart line. below the heart line one line starting from 3rd line slightly sloping downwards then going towards index finger and nearly reaching it. i dont have a job right now when will get a job and will the get a job in the same place where i live now or in a different place.

    thank you

    • Mrspalmreader says:

      Hi Krishna,
      please send me a hq picture of your dominant palm at this address: mrspalmreader(at)

      All the best,
      Mrs Palm Reader

  4. Renee says:


    I have a air hand square palm long fingers. My (heart line) curves ends near index,
    Finger it’s long -on left and right palms. My (head line) on my right palm curves,
    A little down near mercury -begins with a fork near index finger. mercury there’s,
    a across and Triangle on head line next to the ending that’s on my right palm. On,
    My left palm the (head line) is straight long begins near index ends near mercury,
    with a fork. On my right hand my (faith line) it very long it begins near my wrist,
    With a star (ends with a star) at the middle finger very clear not broken at all. I,
    Am right handed. On my left palm my (faith line) begins near my wrist with a star,
    ends at the head line. Also there’s a star on my ring finger on left palm. I had a few,
    Palm readings I was told that I would be very successful. Can you tell me what age
    Would I be successful at I am 32- what dose the star on under my ring finger mean Left palm. my head line and heart line do not touch there are spaces between them a
    Half inc- gap.

  5. Justin says:

    Hi Mrs Palm Reader,

    I have a fate line that begins in the mount of the moon and curves up towards the heart line under Saturn then very slightly breaks off and continues centimeters to the right and continues towards Saturn then takes a sharp turn towards Jupiter and ends up in between Jupiter and Saturn with two lines at the very end pointing at both Jupiter and Saturn. This has confused me for a long time and I’ve tried to look up information on it without much luck. Your opinion would be much appreciated!

    Thank you

  6. gaurav says:

    My fate line begins at little above wrist ,curves to centre of hand covering about 40% of palm length ,uptil this point its very dark.
    After this it splits is 2 lines(not that deep now) , these 2 lines cover another 40% of palm running in arc shape they cross each other in line of middle finger ,right one leaves a tail os 5-7mm & left one entends till top hitting root of middle finger on left end.
    Can you give any explanation & meaning of this

  7. maria c says:

    Hello I’m kinda confused about my plam lines becuase on my left hand I have a line on the pollo line but it kinda like a stright light line but then before passing the heart line theres a little line that make it look like if the line was a cross but sideway. But then on the top i have lines that shoot from one place to another but on the top there a star.& that hand is always ichy on the pollo area. But then on my right i have the line but it broken into parts but its very light to see it there. But on the top pasting the heart line i have those lines shooting from one place to another & one of those lines on both hands seem to be together to my top relationship line i have by the end of my pinky. That line cruves down but theres a fork but then theres this little line that looks like a cheek mark that meet with one of those lines that shoot from the pollo line. I also see about 3 ot 4 little lines between that line. I’ve been look for answer & can’t seem to find one.One both hands it’s the same with this lines.I hope that your able to answer.
    Please & thank you.

  8. Neel says:

    I have a rather weird fate line. On my right hand the fate line rises from my wrist.
    It is not attached to the life line. It rises up to the headline. Then it breaks. There is a sister line about 1.5″ inches beside the disjointed area. The fate line picks up little before the heart line and continues and it ends in a triangle and then splits into 2 branches. One branch goes toward mount of Saturn and the other toward Jupiter. One branch goes toward the mount of Jupiter and ends between the index finger and middle finger. The other branch goes toward the mount of Saturn and stops at the base of the middle finger. There are small lines rising upward from the branch that goes toward the mount of Jupiter.
    I also have a line of Apollo, that rises from the heart line and ends in an angle, kind of a fish like shape between the little finger and Apollo finger.
    Please help.


  9. Stacey says:

    Hi Mrs Palm reader,
    I have a very complex line of fate. The line starts from the base of my right hand. It gets fainter as it goes past the head line. Then it gets v. faint and there is a cross. It looks like a break. Then it continues from the hear line and and heads upward. Half way between the heart line and the base of the middle finger, the fate line forms a triangle and forks. The right fork goes toward the mount of Jupiter and ends in between the index and middle finger. The left branch of the fork ends below the base of the middle finger. There are several small lines that arise after the fateline forms the triangle.
    I also have a line of Apollo that arises a little below the heart line that proceeds and ends between the little finger and Apollo finger. The mounts on my hand are not exactly below the fingers but rather in between.
    This is all very confusing. My left had is less complicated and the fateline is w/o a break and ends in 3 prongs.
    I would be very appreciative to get your opinion.

  10. kunal says:

    Can u comment on my fate line as there are breaks and horizontal lines cutting life line fate and head line. Will i become successful i have struggling life when will i get success.
    I have many lines on mount of moon and on mount of sun can u plz tell me what does that mean.
    kindly check link of my palm images.

    Thanks and warm regards


  11. anita thapa says:

    hello Mrs palm reader,
    The right hand side of my fate line starts from mount of moon and it goes up upto heart line then slightly move to jupiter . another line also joining in my fate line in the middle part of fate line just below the head line and downward to the moon.what’s that mean..
    waiting for ur reply

  12. janelle says:

    Hi miss palm reader,
    I have trouble interpreting my fate line. None of the fate lines online seem to match mine. It starts off at the bottom of the mercury mount with a trident a few centimeters above the wrist line. Then there is a branch pointing downwards as I move up by 1 cm. In the lower middle of my fate line, it is divided and branched like a “y”towards the mount of saturn before it reaches the head line . The fate line becomes faint in the middle. Then there is a weaker “y shaped” branch that moves upward towards the saturn mount. The fate line has a gap which divides it into two parts. It continues above my heart line with a very small downward branch. Towards the end of my fate line there is a trident
    and then it ends with a branch shaped like a y. I know you are busy and have other things that you need to do in your life. However, I would be very grateful if you helped me b/c I am extremely confused. > < Thank you.

  13. Vijay says:

    I have very different kind of lines in my hand which I have not seen elsewhere. My heart line in right hand is very straight horizontal (180 degree) to base of palm and runs from one end of palm to other and head line makes trident fork in end (very big) and big lines under middle finger above heartline. No one till date was able to predict precisely. How to attach image of palm?

  14. Diego says:

    Maybe you can help me with a simple anwser, i can´t find anywhere.
    I have two parallel fate lines, very deep, that end before the head line, no touching.
    I would be very grateful if you could shed some light.
    Thank you

  15. Mila says:

    Hi miss palm reader,

    I have deep fate line passing the heart line and at some distance from the heart line it divides in to two line. One goes straight upwards and the other goes between middle finger and index finger. What does that mean?

    There is another small line starting from heart line rises towards the middle finger. It intersects the fate line too.

    I would be grateful if you can explain this to me.
    Thank You

  16. Sandip Niroula says:

    I have Chakras or Whorls in my all ten finger tips. I am not sure what that actually means. can you help me out with this confusion?.


  17. Ankit Sharma says:

    Like all even i m very curious to know, what my hand says about me.

    I don’t know about hand type i possess but i can describe how it look:rectangle hand quite red and pink not so soft or hard, having small horizontal nail with curve at end.

    Heartline: starts with chain and have island just below Apollo finger then goes curve without chain and then at end splits into 5 forks, of them one touch Jupiter and another Saturn and two are straight and one goes down to head line.

    Headline: starts together with life line for 2 cm then spilt then goes straight, then bend little bit and ends between mercury and Apollo finger (more to mercury ).

    Lifeline: merge with headline for 2 cm then split and run straight some(dip line) what away from Venus mount and ends with two fork and again below that up side down ‘V’ shape is there just below the fork.

    Fateline: one faint, fate line starts quite after life line, with little curve, then just between head and life line again another fate line emerges running parallel two first one then mix with 5 forks of heart line,actually one ends on heart line and the 2nd fate line extended towards Saturn mount with again split into two branch.

    Mounts: having many faint grills on Venus mount and four crosses on Jupiter mount together making a rectangle and two crosses of parallel line on Apollo mount.i mean from mercury to Apollo there are chain of crosses but in Apollo there are parallel crosses.

    Others: a brown round small patch below Venus mount. And many vertical lines on all finger except thumb.i use to bite mine nails also . These description are of mine right hand;dominant one.

    I will be very grateful to you,if l’ll be able to know about mine career prior to all .

  18. andrei says:

    hi mrs palm fate line starts at the center of the moon mount and goes unbreakable up till the moon of saturn and has a branch that goes to the mercury life line also is really long but ends on a big fork that gets coonected with the first bracelet.also on my left hand this bracelet does not exist but on the right does.what all that mean?

  19. krushant says:


    I have a triangle in between my head line and closer to dragons head on my palm attached with a star on the fate line. The star is basically attached on the right edge point of the triangle and is on fate line (star on fate line).

    Could you please tell me what does it mean?

  20. Kaley says:

    I doubt you are going to see this. But I have a lot of questions about my hands. I’m 14 and my lines have changed I think. We’ll I’m going to start with my right hand. The life line is on the right?? Or ?? I dont know anyways I’ll call it the life line on the right anyways the life line on the right has a lot of little breaking parts in the beginning like under my first finger like a lot and there are 2 other lines I think my head and heart? My heart is the top and the head is the bottom?? I dont know I’ll call it that so my heart line is very small just goes to my middle finger it goes up like it curves ? And my head line well it’s not even connected to my right life line it’s weird it’s all breaky and it’s even shorter than my heart line and curves down and somehow there’s a x in between like it’s connected those are just 3 on my right so oh and my right life line has this line starting to come like its a breaky thing I have a lot of lines on my right hand a lot and insert x’s everywhere like this Biggs starry thingy under my middle finger I have a x on my head line and my heart like has SO MUCH breaks like so many little lines it’s really weird like I think the x’s means saddens right? We’ll I’m not sad .. We’ll I have been threw a lot to be honest in the past 2 or 3 years but I’m not depressed ? There’s also a small line under my ring finger idk but girl if you saw it you prob be confused. Okay so my left hand so I have 3 major lines again but imma call everything the same but like ill say left instead of right So my left life line tbh it’s getting shorter but it is really deep like from the bottom it’s smooth deep kinda short but has this huge line that comes and is like connected but next to it same with my right life line anyways when it gets higher there’s a lot of breaky lines like a lotttt and my head line is VERY short like my right head line anyways it’s short and has a line coming out of it like my right & left life line it’s weird I mean in confused and my heart line is very long starts from pinky goes all the way to my index finger but goes up and curves with a line coming out of it still a lot of x’s everywhere under my middle finger and my ring finger has a line under it just a line and my left life line has a x in it to there’s also this line that is under my middle finger that goes all the way down to my palm kinda there’s also a x under my first finger okay in sorry if I confused u cause like this is weird to me I see all my friends and they don’t have what I have. I was 6 weeks early if that means anything? Oh my right hand I hard of this thing called semi or something with a a when the heart or head line (top line on my right hand) is connected to my life line?? so confused as u can tell I need help on this well I hope to god you’ll see this ! Thank u

    P.s sorry if I was confusing about left or right hand beginning was about right then it’s about left just in case ok ok thank u

  21. Francheska says:

    Hello, about my palm. I’m hoping to become a celebrity when I’m older. And I have a star under my middle finger attached to a fate line, and a square on the fate line and a sun line under my Apollo finger, its a long fate line to the life line. And a trident on the side of my hand, another line next to my fate line (it looks like and upside down y). And Tues rest idk. What dos this mean???

  22. lokesh says:

    hi i am lokesh in my hand there is trident on fate line over mount satrun let u explain me this

  23. abbu esayas says:

    i have fire hand,on my dominant hand,am left handed,all fate line,head line and heart line meet at one point ,help me to tell about this,thank you

  24. ayushi kabra says:

    I have 2 fate line on my right hand n I am right handed …n from life line a fork touch fate line …this means??

  25. Bab says:

    My fate line has fishtail on the top as well as the bottom, what does that indicate?

  26. ayushi says:

    hi! if my heart line splits into two of which second split end crosses the whole mount of jupiter what it means….?

  27. andre says:

    I am first born. I have the ring of Solomon and mystic lines on both hands. At the bottom of my palm between my faith and life line there is an X. What does this mean????

  28. venus says:

    I am 34 years married woman, but both my husband i have no jobs we are struggling. My left hand has strong life,head and heart lines but thin lines, 1 starts from just above the wrist in the VENUS area and touches the life line also in this area i have two branched lines one below the thumb sleeping line and there itself starts another standing line like sleeping 7 and , another line starts within the life line and goes upwards till head line but breaks(there is small line beside to bridge the gap) there but again continues to reach till my middle finger but there i have little but dark line that goes down between the index and middle fingers. and also in Moon area i have a curve that starts little far beside life line and goes to moon has a small hexagonal and small lines protruding from that hexagonal and again there is a fate line that starts in moon and joins the heart line also i have a small sun line that like opposite Y in both the ends and it starts just above the heart line, also i have two marriage lines with little difference in size i have a small triangle with two small lines starting from all the sides. Please, can you read my palm with these descriptions.
    Thanks in advance.

  29. venus says:

    I am 34 years married woman, but both my husband i have no jobs we are struggling. My left hand has strong life,head and heart lines but thin lines, 1 starts from just above the wrist in the VENUS area and touches the life line also in this area i have two branched lines one below the thumb sleeping line and there itself starts another standing line like sleeping 7 and , another line starts within the life line and goes upwards till head line but breaks(there is small line beside to bridge the gap) there but again continues to reach till my middle finger but there i have little but dark line that goes down between the index and middle fingers. and also in Moon area i have a curve that starts little far beside life line and goes to moon has a small hexagonal and small lines protruding from that hexagonal and again there is a fate line that starts in moon and joins the heart line also i have a small sun line that like opposite Y in both the ends and it starts just above the heart line, also i have two marriage lines with little difference in size i have a small triangle with two small lines starting from all the sides below the index finger but in the side of the hand i have prominent mounts jupiter,venus and also in moon also my head line and life line are not joined . Please, can you read my palm with these descriptions.
    Thanks in advance.

  30. sonam Tobgay says:

    My fate line moves till heart line and then it moves in a horizontal manner towards little finger. even there is a another fate line moving in same manner, which is joined from the middle of the faith line. my faith line is clear till head line but little lite after that.
    please suggest me.

  31. dibakar patra says:

    if fate line start from moon and cross the head line and heart line and divide in two part one goes to jupiter point and another goest to saturn point so wht its meens

  32. Rushabh says:

    I have too may branches on my fate line and a triangle above life line a d below sun line

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