A Palm Reader Told Me That I Was Cursed, Is This Possible?

Please forgive this intrusion, but for the last two weeks I have been in panic! as for why I will explain…

A very good friend on mine is getting married at the end of this month, and for her hen party I booked a palm reader to read her palm, now the evening was going fine and the lady seemed fine, laughing and joking with the rest of us. when she had finished reading my friends palm and the palms of some of the other girls who had there palm read I agreed to have my palm read to – and this is where things went bad. she proceeded to tell me the lines on my hand were of bad lines and I had makings of being one of the cursed ones; she also told me she saw no marriage of children in my future and as I had lived many life times before this one and had accumulated bad karma and because of the debt which needed paying no luck of any kind would enter my life. now suffice to say from that moment on my evening was well and truly ruined; I have never given any thought to marriage and children – always believing if it is meant to me than it will be, what will happen will happen. But, now I wounder if I am cursed for as long as I live within this world!! I told another one of my friends what the palm reader told me and she told me to forget and ignore it – but I cannot, she knew I was paying her and did not even try to be nice, so therefore I firmly believe she could be right and I will never see any of the things she said.

Please could you tell me yourself if she is right or a very wicked liar; I have attached a copy of both my palms and hopefully await your response.


Hi Rebecca,
first of all I am please to tell you that she was a lier and that there is nothing of the sort showing on your hand. What I believe happened was that she was trying to get “an extra client” by filling you in all this nonsense of curses and bad luck hoping that you would run back to her in private to remove the so called curse and maybe bring a bit of good luck your way.

I find it quite a coincidence that you were born on the same day as my husband (a few years later of course 🙂 ) and that few years ago he was also told that he was cursed. Needless to say we spent a lot of money to get the curse removed before realizing that we were being scammed.

What I actually see in your palm is a very independent person with very strong energy, probably you are into sport or otherwise you should be as you need to get rid of that excessive energy some how. You must also be quite a creative person, as usually cancer people are but at the moment your work forces you to be much more analytical than creative something that you can do but don’t enjoy totally. If you don’t have a hobby yet I would suggest you find one as you tend to think too much and never give your brain a break. Your main concern at the moment (if you want it to call it that) is work an finances.
I see that you are very giving but not to give above your possibilities and always try to protect yourself. Like any other cancer person you tend to build a “shield” in front of you not to get hurt and only remove it with the people you truly trust.

There will be 2 main relationships in your life the first one will start in the next year or so and the second one will only be in the next 15 years or more. The second one will be felt as strong as the first one so they will be both good.

You are fertile so you can definitely have children if you would like to.

I hope this will help you believing what i said at the beginning: don’t believe in curses or bad luck as you create your own luck every day by positive thinking.

All the best
Mrs Palm Reader

I have had done my palm read very very quickly 2 years ago and the woman who was doing the reading told me that I will leave my 1st husband. Now I am very very scared because i love my partner sooo much and don’t wanna leave him…What do you think? please help me…

Hi Nama,
you people take what a palm reader says as law, without considering that things in life do change and that, at the time you palm might have indicated a break in the marriage but maybe today it marks something else.

Also people don’t often get told that the decision finally will be yours and if that is the road you will take, then there will be a reason behind it.
Unfortunately I cannot tell you much more than this as you haven’t sent me a picture of your palm, all I can say is this, that lines do change and that maybe knowing that there might be the possibility of a divorce it helped you focusing more on your marriage rescuing it from a disaster…

All the best
Mrs Palm Reader

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3 Responses to A Palm Reader Told Me That I Was Cursed, Is This Possible?

  1. Andrea Belgarde says:

    I have a lot of cracks in my palms. what does this mean.

    Anj B

  2. angelee van says:

    hey …. i really wanted to read my palm but i dont know if u can

  3. Erik anthony says:

    I was a manager at the heathman hotel in Portland or. They had a palm reader and everyone was so impressed. I was the last one to get my palm read. Right away he told me I have a curse that usually only found in female prostitutes even though I am a guy. like you it it has had a negative affect on me. I was looking for the name of it. This was 20 years ago. Jupiter curse or something. Maybe it’s the same idiot that said you won’t have kids.

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