About Me: An early start to learning palm reading

Hello I’m Sara, that’s me to the right in the snow in Sierra Nevada, Spain.palm reading

My interest in palm reading developed about 15 years ago when as a teenager I had my palm read in the center of Rome.

A total stranger had told me that I would move overseas (in the not too distant future)and marry an artist.

Needless to say my curiosity was aroused, especially since moving away from the city of my birth and immediate family was, quite honestly, the absolute last thing on my mind!

I proceeded to purchase as many books about hand analysis, palmistry and palm reading as I could find and in addition had my palm read on at least 2 other occasions – both re-confirming the incredulity of an impending overseas emigration!

As it turned out very personal circumstances (too personal to mention on the internet) forced me to move out of Italy.
South Africa was a logical choice as I already had family living in Cape Town.

Palm reading in South Africa

Palm reading south africa

Cape Town turned out to be a very spiritual city and there was no shortage of keen subjects on which to hone my newly acquired palmistry skills.

Of course I met my husband in Cape Town; and read his palm the first night we met – and on this fact I continue to get teased about  how I first “checked the goods”.

Two reasons initiated my venture into doing palm reading professionally – my husband’s belief in me and the queues of friends, and friends of friends, wanting me to read their palms.

Palmistry in New Zealand

Palm reading new zealand

After 6 years in South Africa, work and new opportunities took us to Auckland, New Zealand.

Two palm reading experiences in New Zealand stand out amongst the rest. The 1st was reading palms on old years eve in a camping resort in Waipu Cove for practically the entire assemblage of an Auckland pipe band.
We had a queue outside our front door of curious holiday makers waiting their turn!
The other experience was when a member of the same pipe band, who probably out of curiosity more than seriousness, asked me to read his palm.

My first words to him were “You seem to have been reborn 3 times.”
His jaw dropped, he had never spoken to anyone about being abandoned as a child and given into foster care 3 times until being finally adopted. He was understandably very emotional through the whole reading and extremely appreciative of everything I said – sometimes people need to hear/see their life detailed by a stranger to put things into perspective.

Hand analysis in Spain

Hand analysis Spain

After an unfortunately too brief stay in a wonderful country we set our sights towards Spain.
In Spain my palm readings were initially mostly in English (the English are abundant on the coast of Spain – they love it,as do I), however as my confidence with the language grew so did the requests for hand analysis in Spanish.
The highlight of my Palmistry in Spain was reading the palm of a local radio station celebrity. Needless to say I had no shortage of clients after that kind of exposure.

From Spain back to Rome

Hand analysis Rome

After our 3 years in Spain it was family reunion time and back to Rome again!
Rome was yet again responsible for another inspiration – it’s where I got the idea to create this website and begin my online palm reading adventures…

So to sum up: In the last 11 years I will have lived in 5 different countries (Italy, South Africa, New Zealand, Spain and soon Australia) and will have read palms in 3 different languages (English, Italian & Spanish).

To this day I still receive requests and referrals on a daily basis for palm reading from all over the world.
I have had people send me photocopies, ink prints, scans, faxes, photos and videos of their hands, and I have done many a palm reading online via webcam.

I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully meeting you one day either in person or through an online video chat.

All the best and a big hug from me,

Sara (Mrs Palm Reader)

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