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Palmistry Head Line: Questions & Answers

Hi.. can you please tell me what does it mean if a person has no head line??? and I have two marriage lines and the first one is forked at the start…what does it mean??? Rida Hi Rida, if a … Continue reading

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The Marriage Line in Palm Reading

Hello, I just stumbled on this site a few moments ago and am happy I did. I have been reading these posts and trying to figure out my own palm as I go, but there is still a lot of … Continue reading

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A Palm Reader Told Me That I Was Cursed, Is This Possible?

Hello, Please forgive this intrusion, but for the last two weeks I have been in panic! as for why I will explain…

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Palm Reading Life Line: How To Predict How Long You Will Live

Hi Mrs Palm Reader I am Michel Joseph. Actually i am not a professional palmist I am reading palmistry books just as my hobby

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Lines In Palmistry: Can You Explain the Theory of Palmistry?

“Sorry for such a lengthy question, but I really just have one question and its right at the end.

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Relationship Lines, Palm Reading & Astrology

G.S. would like to know if a previous relationship failed because she never gave it a good enough chance due to

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Palmistry Life Line: Questions & Answers

Hi Mrs Palm Reader… I read some information about palmistry online saying that the passive hand is for the inner person

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Palm Reading Relationship Lines, Marriage Lines

Hello Mrs Palm Reader I am very excited and actually tense about a certain matter. I have two marriage/relationship lines

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Marriage Lines In Palmistry

Please note: This forum page is now closed to new questions. To submit a question under this category, please go to The Marriage Line in Palm Reading Hi I have read about the marriage lines in palmistry but they give very … Continue reading

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Hand Reading: Is It Possible To Predict A Date Of Death?

Hello Mrs Palm Reader This is something which happened to my girlfriend, please give the right answer

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Palm reading predictions: Do they still come true if you tell what was predicted?

If you have your palm read, and you tell your friends what was predicted will it still come true?

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Palm Reading Basics: How To Learn Palm Reading?

Hello, I have just started to get really interested in palm reading and would like to know where to begin. I would like to learn Just the basics

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Is Palm Reading Real?

Please support with some evidence or reasons. My friend said that I will die early because

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Difference Between Palm Reading and Tarot reading

What is a Tarot reading ? Is it different from Horoscopes, Palm reading and Numerology reading?

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Is Palm Reading Bad or Considered Witch Craft?

Is palm reading bad, is it witch craft? Trent

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Palm Reading Fate Line: What’s Your Chance of Success?

Hello Mrs Palm Reader! What is the probability of success for me in my new business?

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Which Hand Do You Read in Palm Reading, Left or right?

I am trying to figure out why some people do palm reading on the right hand and some on left hand.  

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