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This is the 1st of 3 pages of our Free palm reading guide. In this introduction to basic palm reading we show how the brain, nerves and lines connect in both reflexology and palm reading using the palm reading hand chart. The other 2 pages of the course, “lines of palmistry” and the “palmistry how to case study” can be reached from the menu to the left…

Palm Reading Guide: A homage to reflexology

In order to understand basic palm reading techniques we need to understand that nerves run from the brain towards the extremities of the body – the feet and hands.
What we do & think, what we did and thought, what we want, and how we behave is reflected through our nerves and shown on our hands (and feet).
The palm reading diagram below refers to this process and shows the nerves running from our left and right hand sides of the brain to the hands and feet.
It is not only the lines on our hands that are the recipients of our thoughts but also: the structure, flexibility, suppleness, colour, shape and texture of our hands.

Palm reading diagram demonstrating the rationale behind basic palm reading.
Right hemisphere / Left hemisphere

palm pamlistry melbourne

Reflexology and palmistry are sciences that recognize these facts and can then be used to our advantage to help us.
Reflexology is in a sense a reversal of our normal thought behavior. What would have been: thought (brain) – nerves –  reaction, is now essentially: action – nerves – brain = reflex, to stimulate a required body zone.

The basic palm reading hand chart below shows the 4 main corporeal zones reflected on the hand: the head, chest, abdomen and pelvic area.

reflexology hand analysis

Basic palm reading hand chart showing main corporeal zones.

The theory behind and practice of Palm reading extends back to at least 3000BC in China, many millenia before these studies reached the European shores.

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