3. How To Read Palms: Free Example Using A Palm Reading Diagram

Part 3 of our Free palm reading guide.

How To Read Palms: In this free ‘Palmistry How To’ example we do a real life palm reading by utilizing a palm reading diagram and hand chart to plot the important events on the hand.

The Fire hand / Intuitive hand – palm longer than fingers (refer to the palmistry reading diagram below); fire is the ruling element in this hand type. It denotes active energetic individuals who warm society with their presence and talents. These are usually people predominantly emotional in make up, where even discussions on an intellectual level will be based upon their emotional viewpoints. Fire warms but it can also burn, and in situations where the fire hand is not in charge they can be impatient with others, and may also be tiring to others who can’t match their enthusiasm.

hand analysis case study

The numbers on the palm reading chart above correspond to the numbers below:

  1. The joining of the life line and head line shows that as a child she was very attached and responsible to her family.
  2. She is a creative person (indicated by head line that curves downward) however,
  3. She tends to lose concentration/focus easily and struggles to take a project to the end – witnessed by the short fingers (in relation to the palm) and weak points in the head line.
  4. A warm and friendly person who doesn’t struggle to meet new people and make friends (seen in the spacing and flexibility of thumb, and also the thumb ending faces outwards).
  5. First thing evident when viewing the palm on the palm reading diagram is a weak life line, compared to the other major lines. This indicates a non interest in physical activity. Probably a smoker. There is some risk of potential problems developing in the late 50’s if better care is not taken.
  6. On the head line we see there is a 10 year period of mental struggle from about the age of 20 until 30.
  7. An accident shows at about age 20. Three years later there is a radical change in her life (note the life line splitting when it is just starting to come away from the head line).
  8. Mood swings prevail in this period accompanied by unsettled feelings (seen in the little lines coming off the head line).
  9. The artistic nature is prevalent while the analytical side lags behind – see the splitting of the head line on the palm reading diagram. In this period of her life she is trying to develop her analytical skills probably due to her work description (explanation: end of the head line breaks into two, the weaker shorter line represents her analytical side).
  10. She cares for others, sometimes to the point of ignoring her own needs (heart line points up). There is also the tendency to select partners who are problematic, and consequently require a lot of her energy. This has lead to a series of disappointing relationships (seen in the islands on the head line).
  11. We find the marriage lines / relationship lines on the palm reading diagram just below the little finger on the side of the hand (not entirely visible on this palm reading diagram – they curve around the side of the hand!). These indicate that in love she will have two main relationships (either living together or marriage) the first beginning in her late 20’s and the second in her late 40’s. The second will be a stronger connection than the first, owing to the fact that through the course of her life she will a) develop a clearer idea about what she requires in a relationship and b) improve in how she interacts inside a relationship.

(Some) Advice:
It is not always possible for people with artistic natures to make a career out of their talents,  but it is important to remember that we can use hobbies as an outlet for our artistic side and sometimes as a second income too.
Witnessing the faint life line on the palm reading diagram we can see that more attention should be given to physical activity and that the subject should stop smoking.

Check back in the future as I will be adding more free ‘how to read palms’ case study’s.

You can revise some of what you have learned in our free palm reading guide:


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