2. Lines of palmistry: Hand analysis using a ‘palmistry diagram of hand’

Part 2 of the Free palm reading guide.

The hand is divided into two main categories: the palm and the fingers. The palm represents your personal characteristics and the fingers represent your interaction with others.

When reading the palm, amongst other aspects, we analyze the lines and the mounts. You can Scroll down to view the palmistry diagram of hand we will use for this hand analysis example.

Reading the lines of palmistry utilizing the palmistry diagram of hand below.

A – The Life line runs from between the thumb and index finger downwards towards the wrist. It documents the relationship we have with our family and graphs our energy levels.
A common mistake by some palm readers is to suggest that a short life line indicates a short life, instead it is rather the depth and strength of the life line in comparison with the other lines that is a better indicator.

B – The Head line runs from between our thumb and index finger sloping downwards towards the left of our palm. It indicates the fortitude of the mind and one’s artistic capacity.

C – The Heart line runs from below the little finger towards the index finger, it is the uppermost main line – seen on the palmistry diagram of hand below. It indicates how we interact with and respond to other people and beings around us. It also documents our input into our relationships.

D – The Fate/destiny line runs from the bottom center of the palm towards the ring and middle finger. At times it is not present at all.
It documents one’s career path and the consistencies within the work environment.

Hand analysis lines

Palmistry diagram of hand showing major lines of palmistry.

Significance of the mounts in basic palm reading

We analyze the mounts in combination with the lines of palmistry and the fingers.

Generally speaking, the mounts represent where our energy and talents lie. The Mounts that are more developed than others represent strengths in certain characteristics – something which we highlight in  palm reading and that you can take advantage of.

Referring to the next palmistry diagram of hand below,

Ju – the Jupiter mount, represents our ambition, enthusiasm and willingness to share and socialize.

Sa – the Saturn mount, represents our stability, responsibility and love of tradition. It may also show a greater understanding of time, rhythm and the deeper aspects of life.

Ap – the Apollo or Sun mount, the “sun” says it all, love of life, spontaneity, fruitfulness, creativity, success – a sunny disposition.

Me – the Mercury mount, our ability to converse and interact with others. A developed mount signifies an ability to convey a message quickly, clearly and diplomatically, serves well in commerce and negotiation.

Ma+, Mars positive or the 1st Mars mount, (shown between the thumb and index finger on the palmistry diagram of hand below) denotes our courage and willingness to defend our beliefs and the beliefs of others. Energy and tenacity.

Ma-, Mars negative or the 2nd Mars mount, represents our sense of responsibility and commitment to the social community, and our staying power under trying circumstances.

Pl of Ma – the Mars plain, distinguishes how bearing (or over bearing) our personality is on others and to what degree we make use of our 1st and 2nd Mars characteristics.

Lu – the mount of Luna or the Moon mount, (bottom right hand corner of the palmistry diagram of hand) represents our sense of imagination, inventiveness, intuition and romantic aspirations. The written skills are well represented here. A strong desire for change. (Add palm reading comment here.)

Ne – the Neptune mount, not very common, sometimes confused with the lower part of the Venus mount. Indicates a charming magnetic and intuitive character. At ease performing in front of others.

Ve – the Venus mount. Perhaps the greatest indicator of our passion for life and others, and our virility. The padding is usually very pronounced in the hands of artists and can also signify good circulation and constitution.

The palmistry diagram of hand below corresponds to the above labels.

mounts on hand

A ‘palmistry diagram of hand’ showing the mounts.

The fingers in basic palm reading

We analyze the fingers in combination with the mounts and lines of palmistry. Some aspects of the fingers which we observe while analyzing the hand are the length, diameter, flexibility, end shape, flesh colour, alignment, finger spacings, phalanges/phalanxes (fingers are usually divided into 3 phalanxes) , finger print patterns, joints, nails, finger setting and  markings. Generally speaking long slender fingers suggest intellectual quickness and mental power, while shorter broader fingers indicate a practical approach to issues. The fingers and their respective mounts have the same names and
represent the same qualities, and so the fingers can also enhance or diminish the mounts’ characteristics.

Refer to the palmistry diagram of hand below.

hand reading fingers

Palm reading diagram of hand showing finger characteristics.

Ju – Jupiter or index finger, if long it suggests ambition adaptability and magnetism to power and command over others. A short finger could suggest lack of ambition.

Sa – Saturn
or middle finger, our maturity and how we deal with responsibility. The centre finger also illustrates how balanced we are in life.

Ap – Apollo or ring finger, our love of aesthetics, our emotional needs, and desire for the limelight.

Me – Mercury or little finger, our intimate relationship with others and our ability to express it through verbal and written skills.

The thumb – the wider the opening between the thumb and index finger the more open and trustworthy the person is, also a flexible thumb suggests a flexible character (see the ‘thumb and index spacing’ label on the palmistry diagram of hand above).
The thumb also highlights our inner drive and willpower, and our ability to get the job done.

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