Online Hand & Line Analysis: How To Submit Your Info

This page explains how best to record images of your hand for an online hand analysis.
For more information about bookings, Video Chatting, and the ins-and-outs visit Webcam palm reading .

Follow the tips below to make certain you get the best possible online hand reading / hand analysis. (While I can do a Web Cam Palm Reading without images of your hands, every bit will help to ensure you get the best possible results.)

Payment for the hand analysis may be made  at the bottom of this page.

You can send either photocopies, photos, ink prints, scans or images sent by e-mail.

It is important to remember while recording your images for the hand analysis that quality is absolutely essential; and remember I require both hands! A good tip is to wet both hands and then dry them before taking an image of your palms. This way the lines can be seen much clearer.

The images below show the required hand positions to ensure the best possible online hand reading.

1. A clear image of the dominant hand (your writing hand). The quality is important as I will need to be able to analyze the finer hand lines as well.

hand reading melbourne

2. A clear image of both hands placed together, or alternatively each hand separately.

hand reading

3. A clear image showing the profile of the left side of the dominant hand (for the relationship/marriage lines).

hand reading4. A clear image showing the top of your hand/s.

hand reading melbourne 3

In addition I also need to know your date of birth.

If you have a particular hand marking about which you would like some extra clarification in your hand reading please take an additional close up picture.

Once you have recorded your images and completed payment e-mail me all the details and we can schedule a webcam palm reading at a convenient time.

Please Note: Due to personal commitments I won’t be performing any private readings or answering any Forum questions for the near future.
Thanks for the understanding.
Sara, Mrs Palm Reader

Payment Options: I find Paypal to be the Safest, Cheapest and most Convenient International payment merchant. They not only accept payment from other Paypal accounts but also from credit cards and checking accounts.
(If you wish to open an account here’s a link to open a Free Paypal account. You will require an email address and a bank account.)

If you would like to do a direct transfer you can contact me for my details.

I look forward to meeting you online.

All the best,

Online Hand & Line Analysis: How To Submit Your Info