Palmistry Head Line: Questions & Answers

can you please tell me what does it mean if a person has no head line??? and I have two marriage lines and the first one is forked at the start…what does it mean???


Hi Rida,
if a person has no head line usually means that he or she is an extremely practical person.

Having two marriage lines indicates two possible main relationships (or marriages) . If one of those is forked at the beginning, it means that there might be some frustration or delays at the beginning of the relationship (maybe involving distance as well).

All the best,
Mrs Palm Reader

My head line begins in a fork overlapping with the start of the life line. What could this mean? Searched a lot for an answer, but to no avail.

when a head line starts connected to the life line, indicates a dependent nature, a person attached to his family of origin, and willing to help if needed.

If the head line starts with a split, it might indicate difficulties at the beginning of a person’s life, like a longer stay in hospital, or a temporary separation from the parents.

I hope this clarifies it.

All the best
Mrs Palm Reader

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The Marriage Line in Palm Reading


I just stumbled on this site a few moments ago and am happy I did. I have been reading these posts and trying to figure out my own palm as I go, but there is still a lot of confusion with regards to my marriage lines as well. First, I will give you a little background info because I believe if you know some of my personality it might help you in giving me answers/advice.

I am 22 years old. Not sure if you just do palmistry or not, but I have done my birth chart and my Mars is in Scorpio, which suggests that I am a very intense person when it comes to love. Remembering back when I was little, my favorite movie was Cinderella because she found her true love and was able to marry him, and even today I notice that love stories (movies) attract me more than any other kind of movie. Yes, I love The Notebook Anyhow, love is very important to me is what I am getting at. I knew when I was little that I wanted to grow up and get married, and I believe that love really does enhance every other area of your life, especially when it is true, unconditional love. Which leads me to my questions (finally, right?).

I am right handed, and on my right hand I have two marriage lines. I feel they are both indeed marriage lines because I am married now. The first is closer to my heart line, and the second is a little more than halfway to my pinky finger. The first line forks at the end, which makes me sad to think about after reading the other posts on here. I am afraid that it means that my marriage now is going to end in divorce. The fork lines extend one to my second marriage line, but doesn’t seem to cross it and the other to my heart line. I was wondering if there is significance in this. After the fork there is NO line that continues (as in marriage line) but there are a few other fork appearances. I don’t get what that is.

For my second marriage line, I see what I’m guessing is an island, looks like the shape of an eye is all that comes to mind. I read with islands in your marriage lines, it indicates a period of unhappiness in the marriage. I was wondering if that was true. The marriage line extends further and kind of aims a little toward my heart line, no fork there, it looks like it just ends, and there is a fainter line that starts above it, also angling downward. Does that mean separation and reconciliation? Also those other fork appearances that I mentioned earlier cross through both lines. I was wondering if you know what that means as well. The fainter line that starts above the darker marriage line slants like I said and almost touches my heart line.

I’m not sure I even have a girdle of Venus because I see three or four faint lines that start from my pinky finger then curve and follow straight toward the end of my palm between index and thumb fingers, however they don’t run off my hand. A little additional information in case this will help, my fate line starts from the Mount of the Moon, seems to fork at my life line, head line and continues up toward my middle finger where it looks like it ends finally at the base of middle finger, more toward the left side though.

I’m not sure what all of this means, hopefully you can give me some answers. If you need me to, I will try and get a good picture of my right hand to send to you and I can give you my date and time of birth as well.

Thanks and I will be looking forward to hearing from you!

Hi Christina,

You seem to know quite a bit about palmistry, and unfortunately how you explained the lines you have is pretty much spot on.

The marriage you are in at the moment seems to end before your 30s due to outside influences (the little lines you mentioned).

The second relationship (most probably a marriage as well) will start only a few years later, but it will incur some obstacles (maybe health related) .

You will manage to work through them but it won’t be easy to recover after it, so you might take a break for a while only to realize that you want to be together.

Things will work out at the end, but as I said, it won’t be “And They Lived Happily Ever After” not at least for a few years.

With regards to the girdle of Venus, you have some parts of it, showing your passionate nature, but it is not complete probably because you are not as sexually intense as you are for just love in general.

The fate line starting on the Luna mount, indicates your creativity and good social skills and the possibility of utilizing these qualities in your career.

I hope this helps,
All the best
Mrs Palm Reader


Thanks so much for getting back to me, the suspense was killing me!!!

Everything hits me pretty much dead on. I didn’t know you can tell how intense a person is about sex or love just by looking at their Girdle of Venus. That is very interesting, yet true on my account. I really do care more about love. On my first marriage line, I guess I kind of always knew we wouldn’t last. That’s not to say I haven’t been trying or won’t continue to. He’s a great person. Even though it won’t last, I’ll feel more proud in the end to be able to say that we at least tried and had some great moments. The outside influences is very true also. His mother didn’t like me to begin with and she tried to break us up. And aside from that, it seems there’s always someone who doesn’t like seeing us together.

For my second marriage line, can you tell if it will be my health or his? Just wondering. Also, is it possible to tell just from the length of the lines approximately how many years the relationships will last? And, one more question I just thought of for my marriage lines. On your site I was reading a post and you told someone they have a star at the end of their marriage line, which meant that it would succeed in the end. I was wondering, does my second marriage line have one, and what do stars looks like on a person’s palm?

I want to thank you for your compliment also.  I have been really into Astrology and Numerology and I am getting more deeply into those subjects so far, and I have just recently picked up Palmistry. I know pretty much the overview of it all, but I want to know more. I was wondering if you could tell me of a really good book I can buy to learn more. This stuff is so fascinating to me. I don’t think I have ever been this passionate about any subject before. If you can help, I would really appreciate it.
A few more questions and I will be done, I promise. Sorry to bombard you. I read in a book I recently bought that your headline tells how long of a life you will live, but I read somewhere else (maybe your site, I can’t remember) that it doesn’t necessarily predict the lenght of your life, but the obstacles you will face in your life and how equipped you are to handle them. I was wondering which one is true. Or are both true? And I also read in that same book that your fate line starting from the Mount of the Moon indicates that you will travel a lot in life. I was wondering if this is true as well.

I thank you again for your time and your responses. I hope that you keep your site going because it is really helpful and I enjoy reading the posts.

Take care,

Hi Christina,
thank you for your compliments I really appreciate the support of the readers, gives me a reason to keep the site active 🙂

In your question you asked if it was yours or his health, and I believe it might be yours, as there are a couple of islands marked on your life line.

These islands appear at age 24 and disappear at age 36. My doubt is if these islands are health issues, or more stress related issues. I hope the latter. In any case ones you have passed the age of 36, things will improve an your health will go back to normal.

The marriage will last few years, but it is very difficult to tell you how many.

A star on the hand looks like an asterisk you find on your cellphone.

The art of palm reading  is a very fascinating subject, I love it, also because it gets me to connect with so many people, something i couldn’t be able to do through a ‘normal’ job.

I don’t know if you read the list of books I propose on mrspalmreader main page, I advice you to look through them. My old favorite is The Art of Hand Reading by Lori Reid, I find it a complete and accurate book ideal for beginners and experts in need of a bit of input. when I relocated to Spain a couple of years ago, it was the only book i brought with me.

Now for your other questions:

The head line does not tell how long you will live but how strong your mind, how willed you are and what type of mind you are if more analytic or creative. Someone said that only you and God knows when the time is come. Nobody can predict the time of death of a person. I can only predicts the way a person will go (if sudden or through a long illness etc..).

I was wondering which one is true. Or are both true? And I also read in that same book that your fate line starting from the Mount of the Moon indicates that you will travel a lot in life. I was wondering if this is true as well.

The Luna mount is the area of the hand connected to the imagination so a fate line that starts from this area, suggests a career in a creative field and a social environment.

The lines on the side of the palm below the heart line are the travel lines.

I hope I answered all of your questions.

All the best,

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