FAQ and advice on when to run away from that palm reader, tarot reader, psychic or whatever

Frequently Asked Questions about palm reading:

1. Which hand do you read, left or right?
Answer: Both, your dominant hand (if you’re left or right handed) will be read differently to your passive hand.

2. What if my life line is short?
Answer: A short life line is sometimes mistakenly read as a premature death, this is untrue! It rather indicates a sudden change in life direction.

3. How often can I have my palm read?
Answer: Realistically speaking, lines mounts and other hand patterns require at least 6 months to change. A consecutive hand analysis before this time period has passed may not appreciate the full life changes someone has been trying to accomplish.

Steer well clear of:

1) Anyone who talks about curses placed on yourself or your loved ones.run away from reader

2) Anybody who suggests they have the solution to all your problems i.e. bring back your ex, make you rich etc. etc.

3) Anyone who requests large sums of money (usually accompanied by points 1 + 2).

Stay clear, they give the science a bad name.

When should I run away from the palmist, tarot reader, numerologist, psychic etc


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