Testimonials from Some of my Happy Clients

Meghan, China:


“I am not sure if you remember reading me, but I am an American and I was living in China last year. My reading was in February of 2013. I was due to leave China in July of 2015. In my reading, you told me:
– I would not be in China in February of 2014
– I would be making a more formal commitment with my partner in summer/ fall of 2014
– I will be moving to a familiar city, but not a place that ever was my ‘home’ but a place where I lived before.
– I would experience a rough patch of ~ 6 months
– I would have a career change.
Since our reading (it is now May – almost June of 2014).
– I unexpectedly and suddenly had to return to the USA in January of 2014
– I am getting married in October of 2014!
– I am negotiating a job opportunity where I would relocate to another city I am familiar with and spent a summer working in while in college.
– I have been experiencing a rough patch in my life for ~ 6 months now due to life/ death health issues of a family member, my sudden unexpected return to the United States due to a family health emergency, uncertainty in my career and the difficulty of returning to the labor-market after spending so many years abroad.
– There is no possible way I could have continued the career that brought me to China under my current circumstances, so a career change was inevitable!
I want to say THANK YOU because remembering your reading is helping me through a difficult time in my life. I had no idea this was in store for me, and when everything began to unravel, I was stunned and amazed with how accurate you were about all of these changes. You have given me faith that there is a light at the end of this dark time. Thank you so much!


Carlo, USA:

“Thanks for the wonderful reading!!…”

“…You really added a lot of detail and helpful information to readings that I have gotten from another wonderful lady, Shambhavi Chopra, using Jyotish.

It’s amazing how completely the two readings coincide with one another – you are clearly very skilled at what you do! You definitely honed in on the primary driving forces in my personality with incredible accuracy….”


Aaron, Australia:

“You rock.  Thank you!!…”

“…I really do appreciate you taking the time to reassure me.  And you’re right, very very complicated childhood… and about the other things too.  The key words most people would use to describe me is energetic and creative! :)”


Ashtyn, England:

“Yes it sure did help, and you were so accurate….”

“… as for the having two sides to my personality you are completely right. Some people have even wondered if I have split personalities … it’s kind of like my mom and dad’s genes are still battling it out in there as one is creative and carefree the other is determined etc. lol.
Anyways its been a lot of help. Thank you!”


Cathy, USA:

“Thanks heaps for your quick response and insightful reading!

I have so many things to think about now my head’s still spinning… but in a good way.
It was a really positive experience and you have given me the confidence I needed to move forward… “


Eyob, Israel:

“The predication was amazing….”

“…Thinking back afterwards You said that I had an accident or illness at the time that forced me in bed for a while.
I may not have reacted during your reading (I think I was in shock still from all the other things you were telling me…so I didn’t have time to react) but, yes, I did have an accident that forced me to remain in bed for a while….”


Billy, China:

“Your readings on my personality were right on the mark….

…I had to forward it to my close friends for feedback and they were all really impressed. I am just glad that your reading on my personality was nowhere near as bad as my own attempt, which showed I was the most cold-hearted person alive…”


Emma, USA:

“Thanks so much for getting back to me so quick and the nice words before the reading,

Though you were very busy, it’s very kind of you.”

“The reading has really helped to put my mind at rest. I actually got my first decent nights sleep in weeks last night.
Thanks again”


TJ, Vietnam:

“Thanks a lot for the reading … I can say it is around 95% percent accurate and the rest might be there but I don’t know about it yet :-)

Generally speaking, I’m sort of an introvert more than extrovert actually. I felt this trend increased intensely after I got back from my vacation in Ireland last October…”


Fanny Lee, USA:

“I am so glad I spoke to you!

Not sure what my future holds, but you releases allot of my stress and depression.
Thank you very much.”