WebCam Palm Reading: Online Palmistry Consultation

Due to present work commitments I unfortunately don’t have the time and energy to dedicate to online readings right now. I’ll reupload the payment buttons once I am able to restart my online readings.

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With the technology that we have today (Skype, Gmail, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger) isn’t it fantastic

webcam palm readingthat you can get a personal and helpful WebCam palm reading online and in the privacy of your own home.

Nobody has to know your business, especially not neighbors or acquaintances, and you don’t have to travel long distances to find a palm reader – especially us good ones 🙂

There’s no need to worry about traffic, parking, and it can be done at your convenience. You can even record it if you like! (or ask me to do it – and I’ll forward the recording to you.)

It’s for these and many other reasons that since beginning my web cam palm readings I have received tremendous support from my clients, and some fantastic testimonials too.
So I would love to meet you “face to face” and read your palm, regardless of whether you live in Melbourne, Los Angeles or Swaziland.

Instructions on how to get the best possible WebCam Palm Reading Online:

  • First you need to book your private appointment with me. You can make payment here and then Contact Me so that I can schedule an appointment for you.Include your contact details, and time & day you would prefer your online palm reading. I will try to work around your times, so let me know if you prefer a weekday, evening or weekend reading.Also, be sure to include your country so that I can make allowances for the time difference.
  • It’s absolutely essential that you to send me some clear images of your hands. An online palm reading can only be done with these images, and every bit helps…Visit This Page for tips on how best to record images of your hands.
  • Now email me the images.

TIP:  Wet your hands and then dry them before taking any photos, scans, photocopies etc. This way the lines show up really clearly.

The good ol’ days…

The great thing about using Skype Video , Gmail, Yahoo or MSN Video Chat, is that they are absolutely free!!

NOTE: You don’t have to setup a Video Chat account you can use one of my Free ‘already-setup’ accounts. I will simply email you the Login name and password.

If you would like to setup your own account it’s very easy – just like an email. I recommend Gmail, it’s the quickest and simplest system to use.
You will find clear instructions on how to get started quickly and easily with Gmail, Skype, Yahoo and MSN Video calling.

Once you’re up and running it’s free to make Audio and Video phone calls to other Users throughout the world.

    1. (Ignore this step if you prefer to use one of my already-setup accounts.) Remember to send me your Contact Name and to also add my Contact Name to your account  (Go To ‘Contacts‘ and Click on ‘Add A Contact‘ or just use the ‘Search Option’ to search for a Contact Name – be sure to include the phrase ‘Palm Reading‘ in any message you send to me).
      My contact names for the 4 platforms are:
      Skype: mrspalmreader
    2. At our scheduled appointment time make sure to be in front of your computer when I call! 🙂
    3. If you don’t have a computer with a web camera (or you’re really shy 🙂 ) not to worry, we can also chat without seeing each other’s faces – but then I really will need those images of your hands.
    4. If possible sit in a room where there is good natural light, alternatively make sure there is enough artificial light and perhaps a desk lamp handy to help see your palms better if necessary.

Tip: If you like, apply some hand lotion or cream to your hands just before the reading so that I can see your important lines more clearly.

And that’s all there is to it!
Note: I do get quite busy (sometimes booked up to a week in advance) so make your reservation early to get the date and price you want.

Read testimonials here.

I look forward to meeting you online.

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