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Palm reading should help!

Amongst other things I use palmistry to chart people’s strengths, weaknesses and character traits. I can use this information (if the client likes) to suggest certain alterations to behavior patterns and/or make recommendations on how to take advantage of unharnessed strengths and acknowledge and work on weaknesses.

Our behavior is usually true to our main character traits (the prominent palm lines) however I do not believe we should lie down and give into destiny, nothing is set in stone, we are creative beings and help to create our own destiny.

Sara Sirolli (aka Mrs Palm Reader)

Positive thinking:

Something that combines very nicely with my palm readings (which I also use to identify negative and positive behavior patterns) is the importance of helping my clients understand the power of positive thought. With positive thought not only do we improve the quality of our life but also the lives of those around us.

A positive attitude benefits our health, love, finance and general relationships.
It’s powerful and it works, and as with most things in life reaping the rewards requires time and effort. You have to be open and willing right from the start to want to change certain behavior patterns and life styles.

Palm reading books which I have read and will gladly recommend:

Basic palm reading for beginners (Richard Webster). Covers the palmistry basics well and gives advice on how to read palms. Popular amongst those learning palm reading. My mark 8/10.

Palm Reading : Character analysis and divination (Staci Mendoza) with easy to follow palm reading hand chart. 7.5/10

Practical palmistry : (Jon Dathen) Good line reading examples, palm reading diagrams and palmistry charts. 7.5/10

(NB) Cheiro’s palmistry for all: (Cheiro) If you haven’t bought a book on palm reading yet I suggest this to be the 1st palm reading book that you buy! Most modern day palm readers have referenced Cheiro at some or another stage. My rank 9.5/10.

(NB) The book of the hand: (Fred Gettings) – Also highly recommended, informative palm reading hand charts. 9/10.

The Art of Hand Reading: (Lori Reid) – Very popular amongst aspiring palm readers and those wishing to learn palm reading. It’s a very easy to follow palm reading guide with plenty of helpful illustrations and palmistry charts. A BIG thumbs up from me! 9.5/10.

Palm Reading, Guide to life’s secrets: (Dennis Fairchild) 7.5/10.

Palmistry, How to chart the lines of palmistry: (Roz Levine) – Plenty of sketches discussing palm reading lines (marriage lines, life line, fate/destiny). Well structured and good insight into areas that many other books neglect. My mark – 8/10.

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